Home advisor lead


Signed up for home advisor and have received several leads the past 2-3 weeks. Around the 15-20 mark. However, a lot of the leads received either have not answered or already found a contractor after I’ve nade the call. Anyone else have any issues with home advisor leads?


Yes lots of people have same problem there are tons of threads on this you should go back to HA and ask for a refund.


HA is good for your first year or two…after that you shouldn’t have your business in a position to pay for leads.


What is the average cost of those leads?


Anywhere from $17-$20, $30-40 if it is commercial


We’ve only been going for about a month or so


So, you have been charged $350-400 for those leads…and have not gotten a job?

I would drop them like a bad habit.


How does a new company afford those bad leads?


I still wouldn’t and have never used HA, but if your new to the game it could help some people.


I agree, $400 in door hangers and knocking on doors go a lot further. When your first starting out you have more time then money…should focus your marketing on that as well


You have time, use it. I used thumbtack my first year with decent results but I was driving an hour from job to job. Your better off with a boots on ground style marketing then trying to pay for leads

Door hangers for residential and nice brochures for commercial. Walk into every Apartment complex within 60 miles and talk to the GM, go talk to every property management company in your AO.

If your lazy like me do digital door knocking with commercial clients, utilize the free side of mail chimp. Send out a blanket email to multi unit properties and property managers, self managed condo associations

It can take hours to research and compile a list of email addresses , put them in a txt file and import to mailchimp.


I would disagree wholeheartedly. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on $35 commercial leads more than once and have done repeat work with 3 customers this season alone who started as $16 HA leads.

If I had been smarter I’d have tracked all the customers I earned via referral/five arounds from HA jobs.

I’ll keep HA forever. Maybe I’m just really lucky…


I’d bet you can compile a database free through your library that’ll spit out an excel file in under 20 minutes.


We received $100 credit when we signed up and we have done work on a few of the leads we haven’t gotten so the money has been made back. They are giving us what we want the only problem a lot are not answering. I will sit it out a while longer and see if HA is worth keeping or needs to be dropped


I will give the door hangars and brochures a shot. I have been doing Facebook ads and relying on HA rather then going out there myself. I started off going to commercial properties for work but most times the person I needed to speak with wasn’t there and some didn’t have the number. I have never heard of digital door knocking or blanket emails though. What do those do and where would I begin my search for the emails?


A lot of Property Management Companies and Condo Assoc have moved to contact forms…hiding their email addresses. I’m not talking about mass marketing, but strategic well targeted. Digital, not physical addresses


HA works for some and is a distaster for most. I used thumbtack my first year, great for a start up and even lead to some large condo jobs. Same issues though, eventually not a necessity once you get your marketing strategy figured out.


I use the WHOIS domain registration database and if they didn’t pay for their info to not be public the registrant email is usually a good address.


HA is alright so far but I’m hoping to steer away from them soon and generate more of my own leads. I will definitely look into the WHOIS for emails though.


All take, no give, no customer service to answer phone to correct bad leads. Sell leads that were sold 2 hours before i got them. #metoo