Hog Barn Bid Advice

Got a call from a local farmer to give an estimate on a hog barn. He wants the ceilings, gates/fence, walls, and floor washed. I am going out to take a look tomorrow. I will probably take some pictures and post them here for further consideration.

The barn is 240 ft by 90 ft. Roughly the height of a 2.5 story home.

I am aware of PPE requirements and prepared to meet them, and I also have access to a hot water machine, although the farm forums I’ve read say cold water is fine.

From the hassle of it all, I’m thinking a minimum of $3500. What do you guys think?

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Out of my element for sure so I cant comment. But I hope you get it man !

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The most important issue is…
Do you feel comfortable with the price and is the client good with it?
If so you have ur answer


My W.A.G is max amount they will pay is 2200. I hope you can get more.

I would suspect you would be right. Only one way to find out. Probably going to pitch 3500-4000. I don’t feel like dressing up in a full rain suit with boots, respirator, goggles, and gloves for anything less.

I’ve passed on a barn like this before because of drainage issues. There were no drains in the barn and floors were filthy.

Check to make sure there are drains…and where do the drains go to .

Good luck


Do you get a lifetime supply of bacon and or ham…just had to throw that in there…oh and good luck

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I will make sure to ask them. Thanks. This is for environmental/regulatory reasons, right?

I did some cow barns for NC State and used a Landa product called Dynamite. You will need something to release the dander from the steel. Its like Linton on vaseline. They had their own retention ponds

Hog barn floors are sloped to one end, no floor drains but ditch to settling, mitigation pond, chemicals are a must. Cold water odor not pleasant but tolerable, hot water & WHEW what a stink. I would never touch one again. That being said I wish you the best & as long as your making target $ per hour I say go for it, call it paid OJT. Regards

I make about 100 per room