HOAs: tell me about them

Some like to approach HOAs for work. Just what is the deal with them, how do they find and pay pressure washers? Do PWs get paid out of a fund set up by the HOA so, to conform to the rules of the HOA, the homeowner can get his house washed but the HOA pays for it out of that fund? Or do they usually mandate that a homeowner get it done every few months even if it doesn’t need it and it doesn’t matter to them who does it? Thanks.

We’ve done a good amount of HOA work over the years, but it’s mostly been flat work within the neighborhood = sidewalks, curbs, commons area. There have also been some odd, but fun projects = cleaning guard gates, 500+ lamp post, play ground equipment, mile long fencing…Each time the HOA (or their property management company) called us seeking estimates.

Now HOA’s, depending how strict they are, will send out letters to homeowners if their driveway, homes or roofs are getting dirty and need to be cleaned. Then it’s the homeowners responsibility to do it themselves or call a pro.

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Doesn’t sound too much worth getting involved with. But thanks.

you have a 2.5gpm machine and dont have a clue how to wash, stay way from customers until you get experience. If you are willing to travel to NJ, I wont charge you much to train with me.

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