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Hi All!

I need some help! I have just landed a few big jobs cleaning for a Property Management Company and I need help with how to price. They are looking to the Curbing in the Common Areas Cleaned and a ton of Vinyl Fencing cleaning(both sides). There is also some Flat Work to be done.

I need to know how I should go about pricing. Should I stick to charging my the square foot?

Any help at all I would appreciate, this is my first time doing this type of cleaning.


How have you “landed” these jobs if you haven’t even given a price?


Charge what you need to to make the profit you need to make


Who gave you a job and doesn’t know how much it will cost. I have never bid on fence by the pound that’s a new one.We dont even know what part of the world you are in.Anyway if you want help you need to be more specific also I’m going out on a limb and say that you have a established relationship with the PMC. If so charge what you have been charging.

Come on, everyone knows that 2000 pounds of vinyl fencing gets cleaned for $1254.76


See that’s why I’m on this forum learn something everyday


That has nothing to do with the question that I asked. I just need help with pricing. :grimacing:

That makes sense to me lol I’ve always just charged by the SF which is what I am going to do in this case. It’s about a mile total of Fencing and almost 2 miles total of curbing. Thanks for keeping it simple for me. :+1:t5:

I’ve cleaned some houses for this realty company /pmc before and I’ve always tried to knock it outta park for them. So now they just email me addresses that need to be cleaned and I clean them and send them an invoice. In the beginning I cold called their office and they decided to give me a try, that was about 3 years ago.

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Pricing is kind of a verboten subject. In addition it varies greatly from location to location.


2 miles of curbing good God… . Even my helper just cringed when I said that… we just did a business that had 1800 linear feet of curb in the parking lot that they wanted done…took my helper forever…and he hated it lol…I washed the whole business and did all the sidewalks and drive thru and he was still at it lol… I ended up helping with the surface washer

You need a good turbo nozzle

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do You have a 2,000 gallon tank or can you use hydrants?

That’s the biggest factor in price

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You’re definitely right there, I’ve had several the cheap ones they absolutely sucked, it kind of scared me off from buying the more expensive ones fearing they would suck also LOL…

I just finished up 10.5 miles of curbs, @$750/mile. Bad idea. Js

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@ShinedUP how’s your back feel, every time I do curbing my back hurts for days LOL

It’s not bad if you use a longer lance to keep from having to bend

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I keep thinking someone will eventually invent a affordable machine just like a surface washer for curbs,
How sweet would it be to be able to clean all edges of a curb in one swoop you going to have a helper drive the truck next to you with a full water tank and just walk along at a normal Pace


I have neither. :worried::worried: I’m picking up a 500 gallon tank this week, I’m just going to have to make it work somehow. What would you suggest?

Holy curbs Bat Man! That’s a lot of curb bubby …

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