High value surface cleaner

I am not associated with Mi-T-M or Toolbarn. I don’t sell anything. The purpose of this post is not for you to visit my website or improve any SEO. I rarely contribute to this forum, but I read here almost every day. It has given me SO MUCH over the years. I never see anyone mention this surface cleaner on the forum, so I figured I’d throw it out there.

I’ve had this Mi-T-M surface cleaner for three years now. I purchased an additional new one today, so I thought I would share my experiences running this over the last few years.

It’s cleaned countless square feet of pavement, and never once let me down. I ran it over with my F-250 one night around 3:00 AM, hence the missing trigger assembly and bent handles. The swivel is original as is everything else except the bar (I bent it after I dropped it off a curb corner while cleaning…also around 3:00 AM)

It’s on sale right now at Toolbarn.com with free shipping for $305

It has a 20" two nozzle bar.

It’s rated for 4000 PSI and 180 degrees, but I regularly run it at 200 degrees.

It says it’s rated for up to 5 GPM, but I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t run higher. I’m running a 5.5.

I truly beat the heck out of it. It bangs around in the truck bed instead of some fancy holder like I see most people using.

I know most people are pretty attached to a specific brand or style of surface cleaner, but you cant beat the price and the quality is good.

I bought a new one for two reasons. I wanted a dedicated commercial and a dedicated residential cleaner. The new one will be my commercial one. Also, on the old one, the bristles are pretty worn down from use, so the water has a hard time escaping the enclosure, which is slowing the bar rotation and negatively impacting my cleaning. It doesn’t matter as much on my smaller residential stuff but it definitely hurts on larger commercial spaces.


My hammerhead was run over last week on a job so I’ve been shopping around. Actually pulled the trigger earlier on another. My google search is usually flooded with this brand. But As you said, it is rarely talked about. If I had seen this sooner I’d have given it a shot since it’s the same price point. When I had another after the first of the year I will try them out.

While I haven’t used a whisper wash, I don’t see the extra $300-$400. Design is pretty much the same and I’d be willing to bet, like most things, the parts are probably coming from the same place. Outside of not standing up to being run over length-wise by a truck, I have zero issues and the GP cleans well.

The Mi-T-M has a slightly lower profile which helps when you’re trying to clean underneath things such as a guard rail on a restaurant patio. The hammerhead is rather tall for my taste. But yeah, most two nozzle surface cleaners are fairly similar. The swivel is a major consideration for me, and the one that Mi-T-M uses is pretty durable. It’s a whirl-a-way swivel but it’s surprising rugged.

I didn’t notice the height difference but now that you mention it, that thing does look pretty thin. I haven’t ran into a issue with it yet.

I have a Mi-TM 20” and a whisper wash big guy. The Mi-t-m is good and much cheaper but doesn’t last as long, I just had to replace the swivel on it this year. The whisper wash has a better swivel, It gets used more and is still working perfect. I think next year we’ll be getting the 24” whisper wash