High pressure injector at the wand?

Hey all, quick question that I can’t seem to find on the forums… I have seen videos of people modifying the x jet so the lance is after the x jet. Is there an injector you can use in replace of the x jet that is more cost efficient? I would just think the x jet is a high pressure injector… also, should I use the m5 tip or use the downstream tip kit(4 tips welded together). I have a 4gpm 4K psi machine and currently doing house washes with brick and stucco. I want to run a 100 foot hose from my bucket on the flatbed to the gun with a ball valve at the injector to shut the chemical off. Any tips or ideas?

Jrod, have it custom build
Space them out to use these

I use them on all my guns, way easier

Put a quick connect at the end of the lance instead of the M5 nozzle and plug in a Jrod with the soap tip. The pressure is the same as if you were DS