High Pressure Ball Valve


Hi guys, I recently got a new pump and realize using the 4 tip jrod is just too much pressure.

I want to switch over to a ball valve. Can someone post a picture of the setup I need?

Is it just hose to ball valve and that’s it?
Or do you guys put a tip on the end or a nipple of some type?

Is the gun eliminated all together?

Help me wrap my head around this please😲


Buy the correct tips for the new pump. Washing with a ball valve is unsafe and an insurance audit will bust you for it.


Why not just add a three way ball valve to you DS line to cut the SH off and just use your soap nozzle on your Jrod for soaping and rinsing?

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I can’t imagine having to shut the machine down to change attachments


IBS nailed it. Proper tips for the jrod solves your issue.


Me either. That’s why your trigger gun should quick connect into any wand you use and your surface cleaner.


I do have the proper tips for the new pump but its really putting out some pressure. I feel too much pressure. I’m having to stand way back from the house.
It seemed to me most were saying if your using tips to stop your soap your using too much pressure?


True. Change tips to larger ones if you have to much pressure. You should be able to hold your hand an inch from the nozzle with no discomfort


I don’t know what size machine you have but I run 00060 15040 15070 15020 . With 8.5gpm
My favorite set up . 15020 will turn off the injector without using high pressure

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5gpm on Honda gx390




Ty ill look into them.
Is that soap/rinse?


Once you above 5gpm the rinse tips are too much pressure on a jrod. I use a M5DS 99% of time for soap and rinse. I use an injector bypass to cut off soap and a straighter stream. Don’t use a ball valve to wash a house. Michael Kreisler made that popular but the correct tips should be used whether jrod or M5DS.

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They are either or


I run my j rod jut like everyone else said rinse w same tips as soap and keep another 2 tips thatll get me higher pressure for cutting in while doing concrete or just blowing stuff off.