High pitched weird noise coming from my hose reel

Anyone ever experience this? This is my first hose reel. But whenever I pull the trigger I can hear a loud high pitched whining or wishy washy sound… sounds like its coming right from the reel itself or the swivel. I’m thinking maybe this is the noise the water is making on it’s way through the reel ? It’s so weird. Sorry if this is a dumb question/ topic. :joy: and fyi, it’s got a fat stainless super swivel on it. And my injector is right at the reel. Connected to a three way ball valve… one line to my chem tank and one to my buffer. Dont know if it matters at all either (prolly doesnt) but I’m using two whip lines connected together because I dont have a single that’s long enough. Lol. Oh and the reel is a summit sm12, ordered from pressuretek.

Yes water running through it, it is normal

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If you have injector right at reel Put your finger on top of injector to stop airflow and see if it stops and you’ll probably feel the suction.

It’s normal

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