HF Predator issues and parts thread

There really isn’t any info out there on what parts this engine uses, and it doesn’t use all GX670 parts.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Oil filter.[/COLOR]
Fram PH4967
Motorcraft FL836
Purolator L14476
Wix 51394
Bosch 3311

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Fuel pump[/COLOR]…some people have had issues with it. Any Honda GX610, GX620 or GX670 pump will fit. Inlet, outlet and pulse.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Oil capacity[/COLOR]. The manual specifies 2qts. Mine smokes if I go over 54oz of oil.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Fuel Filter[/COLOR]. The one that comes with it is junk. I used a Wix 1/4" inlet/outlet.

IF you install a Drainzit, it’s a 12mm plug.

I couldn’t tell ya… We go with proven Kohler Engines because I can’t afford to be down.