HF Predator 420cc-revised fuel tank size

I’m building two machines this winter, a 5.5gpm and an 8gpm.

For the 5.5 I decided on a Chonda. Amazon is out of Lifans so I decided I’d just get the Predator from HF, not the route I wanted to go as they always had a 1 gallon fuel tank. I had a 25% off coupon so I bought one today at the store and the box said 1.7 gallons for the tank. I unboxed it and they did change the fuel tank to an almost exact copy of the one on the GX290. I measured it against my GX and they’re basically identical.

I’ve been putting this off for a couple of weeks as I didn’t want to deal with the small tank that WAS on the HF engine. I was either going to wait for Amazon to get more Lifans or order a clone for more money from Carroll Stream. So, I had a good day. Tonight I will drink beer, rewire it and loctite the entire thing.

Out the door with 25% off and a two-year warranty for $360ish.

It’s # 60340.

Nice. Predators are working good. I got the 22 hp and, got about 30 hours on it. Working flawlessly. I think there is a mistake happening, because they changed the fine print from coupon not valid on predator generators, to predator gas powered equipment, which should include the engine. I went in and added the 22 hp to my cart and added the 25% coupon and it worked. Not sure how long that will be like that.

I used a coupon in store for the 420cc and online for the 22hp v-twin.

I think by saying “equipment” they are referring to generators, etc. It doesn’t specifically say engines. Just guessing on that.

How’s the HF V Twin holding up for you? I’m planing on building a 9.3 GPM cleaning machine out of one of them by the end of summer.

I bought two. The first one blew up with 210 hours on it. The second one has 265 hours on it, still going strong. I have a 28 hp subaru and a new 10 gpm 3000 psi pump waiting to be put together. I have more faith in the subaru.

How much did you pick it up for?