Heroes Power Washing Web Site

Our new Web Site went live today. We are excited.

Check it out at:


Looks great, very professional start! It will be bringing business in quickly I’m Sure.

Couple things I figured I’d mention though. You said you just opened recently, those pictures showing work complete/in progress. I imagine you got permission from the companies who did that work to use their pictures right? Also when i used my touchpad to scroll down your page the page also incidentally scrolled sideways a bit and it was very distracting. I would try to disable the scrolling sideways ability as it is obviously not needed

The photographs are stock photos that will be replaced with photos of our work as we complete jobs. We already have jobs booked for this week, so a week from now it look very different.

It was tested in preview mode, now that it is live it will need to be fine tuned. As with any web site it is never 100% as you want it, it takes time to evolve both from an SEO standpoint and small tweaking to appearance and functionality.

I appreciate your feedback.

Awesome, look forward to seeing the updates. It’s awesome that your booked already talk about starting off on the right foot. I think we will see your company explode in growth in no time.

Looks sexy.
I too noticed the left to right scrolling.
I’m on a laptop so it didn’t bother me, I just noticed the capability to scroll side to side when jeff mentioned it.
might just need to be resized.

lots of customers search on their phones or tablets though so I’d definitely look into that if I were you.
Sometimes the simplest things can chase off a customer

Heroes- the site looks pretty good but you may want to get it looked at so it shows up right on a tablet or phone. I’m on my Tablet now and at the very least you need the word Neighborhood to show up together and not the way it’s showing on my tablet where Neighborhoo is on one line and the d is on another line.

Also make sure your keywords are correct so people can find your website in your area.