Here ya' go

Everybody needs to get one of these…get up close to your work.:grin:

You’ll have a “black belt” In pressure washing with this add on. Im sure its priced to move at 500 dolars as well.

Can you imagine trying to use that thing?

I have watched videos earlier in the year…seems to be a handful to use efficiently.

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On a windy day I’m betting it would be similar to reeling in a tuna or marlin.

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When i started years ago i bought one and tried it. Worst money ever spent. You’re right @Sharpe, its like holding a thirty foot fishing pole with a tuna on the end of it. Back was hurting for days. It sat out behind the barn before eventually making its way to the dump.

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They are not for the faint of heart. I got a smaller one of the regular yellow ones on sale at Northern Tool right when i started. Honestly thought i would need it atleast occassionally for peaks due to my small machine.

Have taken it out 1 time for a job at a local school. 40 ft entrance ways and windows with Spiders webs that were everywhere… without that thing i would have had to get the 20ft extention ladder and then would have had to come back another day becuase the winds was 15 mph and swirling in the entrances i was working.

Im not ashamed to say that yellow noodle saved me that day and paid for itself quickly. I will say that changing the Jrod on that was a pain though.

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Haha I saw this yesterday on YouTube.

What a sucker’s purchase. I have an 18 footer that I’d LOVE to pawn off to some poor bastige for $50. ANY TAKERS?

I have one that I pull out sometimes and yes it can be a pain to use. We recently had over 3000 ft of dirty gutters to clean and using it made things a little easier.