Here’s my new setup. Thoughts?


I love those short tandems! They look like they mean business, stalky little F’ers. :smiley:


I would use a non collapsible inlet hose if it was me. Looks good though.

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I really dig the rack all the way around I’d mount my reels under the top bar on the rack so you can free up some floor space. Looks clean though!

Might consider an unloaderblock. Clean setup though!


Looks like you need to try it out on the driveway is parked on


Nice set up. Where u get the tanks cant find those in my area

Already did. Also the roof walls and walkways haha


Thanks guys. I don’t have anybody in person to learn from or be mentored so I truly appreciate the help and suggestions. I’m literally learning from YouTube and you guys here and going out and testing everything. I wish I could find someone local to buy a couple beers and pick their brain.


Just use this forum and read… read & read. Clock up a few days of reading and then post any questions.

The guys on this forum can get a bit anal if you haven’t put in the effort and time to learn.

Having said that… love your setup… looks bloody awesome my friend!

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I’ve got 13 hrs logged. Still working on it! Thank you sir!

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Nice truck and trailer.


Worth 450.00?

Not worth it for me personally but if everything works well then yeah it’s probably worth $450. Over $2k for all that brand new. It’s a soft wash pump on that engine though. I’m sure you already were aware but just wanted to point that out.

I’d say yes, hose reel alone is over $609 nee

I figured the electric reel be worth that alone. I don’t have to have it, have two 12v for roofs but going to be hopefully doing a flatbed truck build. Everything works.

@pressureman33 I’m in the same boat lol. I have learned tons from this forum.

What are those stackable reels called?

The ones in the OP’s build are Titans. They sell a stacking kit for their full frame reels. Most manufacturers do.

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