Hemlock siding?

Gentlemen. Kind of hesitant with this job so I figured I would ask for a little advice. This is a very large, almost brand new home. Client believes the siding is hemlock and there is also some cedar shakes. They used a stain 3 years ago that is already fading and they have some discoloration on the house. The clients want it “pressure washed” before applying the stain and to remove the discoloring. Not sure if this job is worth the work/risk and also what chemicals to use cleaning it. Any info would be appreciated! Here’s a couple pictures of the house

Just my opinion but I’d walk away. You screw that up and you are going to have a hugh insurance claim. Easier money to be made!

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Yup, the beauty of self employment is you get to pick your headaches. Don’t pick this one walk away.


If you haven’t washed soft wood before, don’t try to learn on that job.

You couldn’t pay me enough to touch that