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I don’t know if I’m putting this in the right area. But I had this website built buy Mr. Pipline a couple years back, it’s all I could afford then. But I’m not a big fan of it (especially the generic photos they added) and @Crystal-Clean and I are wondering if it’s hindering me when it comes to getting more calls. Is there someone that can help me make this website more appealing so I can get more Pressuer Washing calls? I currently have a new logo but I fighting to get the rights to so I can put it on my website. Any recommendations would be very excepted!!

I tried clicking the link but your site’s load time is very slow. Like over 30 seconds to load slow.

If you don’t like your site, make a new one. I suggest siteground for hosting, and Wordpress for the site builder. You can do this all yourself. I made my website myself after researching and learning for about a full weeks time. Then about another week to get it set up. Best part is that I can change whatever I want on my website whenever I want to. I have full control


A site that slow probably does not rank well and has no authority with Google. Get a different shorter url and start from scratch. Pay the right people now that you can afford it and forget the old website. Change all your socials to point to the new domain. Google has a short memory for low ranking sites, so you can rebuild easier than fighting for a low value domain. is available, i know it is not shorter but just as good.

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It took about 5-6 seconds for the site to load on my PC using chrome. It took about 3 seconds for each link to load. I did this about 3 times for each thing (main page, and two specific links). My impression is that it is slow, but not so slow as to make me close the window/tab.

Your website makes it appear that your business focus is on window cleaning, based on pictures alone.

I didn’t spend a lot of time navigating your website, but a picture or two of before and after for concrete drives or roofs would be nice on the front page.

Looks like a basic website with stock photos to me. I’m not judging, I don’t even have a website, just giving feedback. I haven’t built a website in 15 years and I doubt I could remember how to use HTML, if that is even what they use anymore to make websites with.

Thank you both I will I’ll get right on that!

Anyone you recommend to do this?

I just ran I internet speed text and it came back 8 sec. I have noticed that some days it takes a while as me some it pops right up. I thought it was just my internet connection was bad.

I dont know any companies as I use wordpress for mine and built it myself. It doesnt rank for crap since i have done minimal seo. I am part time and I get enough work from word of mouth and google my business, but definitely own the domain and do not give up admin of your registar to any company. Many companies offer to buy the domain and then hold it hostage if you want to go elsewhere as you are finding out.

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I paid $500 for my site, unlimited revisions (I retain ownership and control), full custom, and includes 1 year of hosting. Next year of hosting is $99. You can leave them anytime you want and retain all of your content etc.

My site


Wow only $500. I really feel like I got ripped off then mine was a $1000 :expressionless:. Thank @TexasPressureWashing I’ll be call them Monday.


@TexasPressureWashing with this company do you have to run google ad to get business or does there seo work good enough to not need google ads?

They do SEO but that’s a separate charge.

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I would remove the roof cleaning with turbo nozzle pictures.

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I can’t even get them to call me at the moment so once I get the new site that will be the end of that lol.