Help with pricing "shade sails"


I used the search but couldn’t find anything that would help pricing these. I found some stuff on awnings but nothing in particular to help me price these. I’m thinking $300-$450… It’s a pretty big area above a pool.



Over a pool you can’t really use surfactant unless you want suds in the pool. Run a test spot on them. I’d be at $600 due to the size and probably more than one application since no surfactant. Also, on that stone you may want to prewet it. Don’t fall in!


If a salt water pool don’t use SH above it you will through off the brine & cost you $$


A salt pool has a cell (electric metal plates) thorough which it creates chlorine (SODIUM hypoclorite) based on its need.
It tests the water through the cell, and uses the salt in the water.
If you add chlorine then it won’t make any, this saves some salt.

Salt pools are bologna IMO. Its still a chlorine pool but now you gotta clean the cell regularly but still end up replacing it every five years.

The benefit of the cell is that it will create chlorine slowly every day, instead of the pool guy spiking the chlorine level on his visit (then it goes down slowly until next week when he comes to spike it again).

Yea don’t use surfactant over the pool


Salt has nothing to do with anything. Its used to create chlorine. You wont damage cell. They are cleaned of calcium buildup with muriatic/water 25/75. This does not effect you. Surfactant will not hurt or throw off 20,000+ gallons of water if not used in excess. However, I would suggest to homeowner to contact pool tech for an irregular chem check after your job unless you are a CPO. If so, bring chlorine neutralizer and acid, use as needed. Ph will rise, all salt pools run high anyways. Liquid chlorine and salt pools tend to run a ph of 7.8-8. This job may throw off total alkalinity but not to the extent of fallout unless chemistry is already unstable. This is a job I would pass on tho. Best of luck.


Salt pools reduce the chloramines adding SH increases them throwing off chemistry that’s what I was told by an irate man that had a child with an allergy & I never used SH around salt pools ever again.


Thanks! the guy is not too worry about SH going in his pool, said “oh bleach? throw as much of it in there as you want”… I’ll try my best not to fall in, had a few close calls before!!!


Thanks! wont use surfactant! straight SH


UPDATE… 5.5 hours and I was able to get them looking pretty good. It was a bit of a pain because of the way the water drained… basically it didn’t. It just sorta sat there, so I rinsed for a very long time. Had to do 3 passes. DS straight SH on it, but if I had to do it again I would x-jet. I ended up charging $500. Should’ve gone with Brodie’s advice and charged $600+

I could’ve fnished faster but after my 2nd rinse, the owner came outside and brought me a glass of water and we just sat down and talked for like 30 minutes… He was a super nice guy so I didn’t really mind.