Help with pressure washer return line

Obviously, I do not know much about pressure washers. I want to run a return line back to my tank to prevent overheating, but I do not know where the bypass port is on my machine.

My question is do I run the line straight from where the highlighted plug is? Or is that the inlet port to run a bypass directly back into the pump? I think I have to buy an unloader valve but I wasn’t entirely sure.

I appreciate any feedback on this :slight_smile:

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That unloader has a built-in bypass. You will need to get a different unloader to accomplish your goal of bypassing to your buffer tank.

This where your bypass currently is:

I’m trying to think about the fluid dynamics at play here. Removing that plug and running a hose back to the tank might actually work.

But you’d essentially be making an open circuit between the intake of your pump and the bypass on the unloader. I think it might cause unexpected complications. Safer bet is to get a decent unloader. And pump :smirk:

Thank you! I already got the new unloader ordered and will be here tomorrow. It was kind of a dumb question and got it figured it out as soon as I took the unloader off :sunglasses: I hear ya on the pump! I’ll just see how long this one lasts. I bought a lightly used CAT pump that I am going to rebuild and use as a backup.

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I just realized the new unloader is rate for an 8gpm machine. I would think that it would be fine to use on a 4gpm machine, right?