Help with large quote, please

How much do you have in mind?
I’ll give you a little tip that could help you land that job. Do a sample for them on maybe a section of roof. That’s exactly what we did for a condo complex last week when we were cleaning the siding. There roofs looked like shizz so we did one section of roofing for them (aprox 30’ x 15’ area )and then I submitted a price for there next years budget.

i was thinking $399/unit. that might be a little low for some of you, but i dont mind coming in low on this job, because it will be a great opportunity for us to dial in our system and get real familiar with the process. it will be a great learning experience, and still quite profitable at that price.

the demo is a good idea

That is low for my area but that doesnt have any meaning here. I’ll give you an idea that I use when dealing with Condo units which may help you out. Since you have $399 as a price here go a little higher. I’d say $499 for your area but since you looking at potentially 27 individual bldgs and assuming there all the same as your picture you can do your pricing like this to snag them.

Here’s a plan that can work.
1- do a sample and take before and after pics to go with your proposal
2- Write up a proposal for them that states the following $460 for each bldg roof to be cleaned. 10 or more roofs to be cleaned they get a 10% discount each so it will be $414each(could just make it $410 so there getting a hair more of a discount). 20 or more roofs to be cleaned give them a 15% discount which would make each roof $391(make this $390).

Condo Board of directors love seeing discounts. They also want there community to decide to clean everything if they can afford it. The cleaner the community looks the better off it is for the Board of directors as long as they can afford it.

So now if you get all 27 bldgs your pretty much getting your initial price for every bldg which would make your total $10530.

This is exactly what I do when it comes to dealing with multiple units. I want all of them and the communities really want everyone to keep their place neat so the whole area looks good.

As for pricing I would be in the $600+ range for those bldgs as long as there isn’t lichen growing on them(looks like little Algae plant life which jacks up our price) but once again my area calls for a certain price range that most likely is different then yours.

This took me years to figure out what works and now it’s yours to maybe improve on this or at least help you to get multiple units instead of just one or two.

I don’t mean to be a smart alec but why would you want to do a $995.00 job for $399.00? Sure, the markets may be different. And it is kind of neat to not have to go rustle up that work. And yes, multi family want multi discounts. But start it as one unit. One building. One time. What would you charge for that if it was a freestanding building?

How much less can you charge for them in volume?

What would you price that at if that was a house? Just one house.


that’s a good plan. i structure multi-service jobs that way and it works well.

Wow, you really think i could get $1000 for a roof like that? I guess i don’t really know how to price this stuff. I was doing it more by hourly rate. I figure i could do one unit in about 2 hours, start to finish. so I was thinking $200/hour would be a good mark to shoot for. But I don’t want to lowball it.

We would be around the same price But we are in Florida. I wish we could get close to $1000 for a job like that.

$200.00 an hour is incredible money if you have forty hours a week. But you don’t, and you won’t. The only reason I said $995.00 in my pot above is because I did not want to embarrass myself with my real price.

Wait. Why are we discussing this in the public forum?


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You’re not going to say anything bad about me are you [MENTION=7961]CleantecLtd[/MENTION] ?:slight_smile:

They would be about $1467 for me to do, but I would probably do 27 of them for $26’406.

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No sir, quite the contrary. Great thread. Public forum vs. member discussion …I learned the hard way.

Now that’s funny Tim. lesson learned. I really charge $1800 for roofs that size… That’s $1800/hr…lol
This makes me think of a speaker that was in NOLA who wrote the book $600hr and you determine what your worth. What that has to do with this…nothing but the book title could fit here like a glove.

Oh no brother John, I don’t determine what I’m worth. My customers do that.

And I happen to like customers that place a high value on having me on their roof.

Is it just me, I don’t see any pictures or size of the roofs

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