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Hello EVERYONE ON PWR. Having trouble coming up with a design on putting my first trailer together. I have two large black tool boxes, belt drive washer, hot box , 2 hose reels and a gen 2 softwash with tank and a 250 water tank. If ANYONE can help me with a good setup design that would really help me. I want it to look professional. I always had a small washer I pulled around the house. After a year on my own I finally made the money to purchase what I wanted for the next step in my awesome job. Thank you guys so much HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Use to design it. Just measure your things to scale.

Just tried the app to dang gone hard fir for me computers and apps aren’t my gig but appreciate the help

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Have you checked the trailer build and trailer picture threads on here yet? I’ve gotten some of my best ideas and solutions from those threads. Like you, I don’t do too well with CAD programs. I personally prefer to draw things out on paper. It’s more time consuming, but it works better with my brain. Do what works for you.

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I use all sources for build ideas

  • my own imagination on paper
  • YouTube
  • google images
  • Facebook groups like “power washing rigs”
  • this forum.

Usually I draw it out on paper first. Measuring the dimensions and drawing to scale helps ALOT. You need to measure to get the most use out of the space you have available. Don’t be afraid to build upwards and stack things.

Then one I have my ideas all on paper I’ll 3D model it… just what I like to do, I know it’s not for everyone and totally not necessary, it just helps me.

But I would measure and if ordering online get the dimensions and see if and where you can fit it. Also think about weight distribution. Around 10% of the trailers weight should be on the tongue and the heavy stuff over the axles.

another option if your not technically gifted is to use graph paper and use cardboard (or some other material) cut to size of each piece.

The point of graph paper is that you have equal units to work with. People have been using graph paper for years and years. It also gives you visual feedback. You can use it to 3d model with as well.

Personally I like to lay on my belly on the carpet and draw with crayons on paper


Those are all great ideas. Another thing to remember is that most trailers have similar layouts due to safety restrictions. You want your big tank centered or slightly in front of the middle of the axle (or center point between if it’s a tandem). From there, you need 10-17% of the entire trailer’s weight to show up on the tongue. This is absolutely non-negotiable. Any less than 10% and you’re going to hurt yourself or somebody else.

A common layout from the front to the back goes: Toolbox -> Machine/hotbox -> Tank -> Reels off the back.

The fun part is playing with the plumbing so you have the fewest bends and maximum floor space. All of my plumbing runs along the passenger side rail, so the trailer floor is open for buckets, chems, squeegee, surface cleaner, leaf blower, etc.


Thank you for getting back to me. You are very helpful

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Plus a lot of things you talk about with weight on tongue and axel i never new that this is my first trailer. Thank you again


Thank you for your help

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Thank you very much

Is there a place on this app I can see pictures of different trailers all ready put together

@rickhousewashing, Hey Ricky, there’s quite a few threads on this forum that you could look at some great photos of trailer builds as well as build lists. Find the search bar with the text “What can we help you find” and in that type trailer build, or trailer set up, or truck builds, or anything you think would be useful to you. Hit search, enter, or whatever it says to start the search process. It should reload into a new screen that has plenty of topics for you to browse through that you’ll hopefully find useful. Best of luck in your research and build!

Facebook page called “power wash rigs” is also a good one. Lots of people post their trucks and trailers, big and small on there.

Some really nice rigs on there, and idiots too.


I thought I took that photo down… Just kidding, I’d find something more ridiculous to do I’m sure

Hey now! That looks like a good idea

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