Help with degree symbol

I can’t figure out how to type the little degree symbol when typing in coordinates. I binged it and it said to hold down the alt button and type 0172, or something like that. I can’t make it work on the computer and I can’t find the alt button on my phone. Really annoying. Suggestions?

This worked for me.

I know on the iphone, you hold down on the zero digit.

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If you’re using Windows - the third option works easiest.

° or you can cut and paste that one :slight_smile:

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Never knew that! Great tip @Infinity

I have a Caterpillar Android. I don’t think it has an alt key. I gave up on the house computer. I have typed that 1076 thingy over and over with no luck.

It took a month to find the percentage sign on here


You can create your own keyboard shortcuts on your phone for stuff like this:

For example, on my phone I have a shortcut made for the ∞ symbol. I type “inf” and it’s automatically changed to that symbol. I also have one for my text signature. I type in “sig” and I get:
“Thank you, Alex Lacey ∞ cleaning

I have to add the carriage returns myself, but it’s a big time saver.

I can’t find the degree sign to make a shortcut. This text to my brother after the football championship sums up my knowledge of football, pop culture and technology :slight_smile:

If someone will post a degree sign for me to copy maybe I can make a shortcut to it


Doot di doo


Thank you I think I got it saved to clipboard.

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Well that’s one problem solved!

…to a certain degree.


I don’t know i why it would have been so hard to put the symbol on the key pad. I have this ñ beside the l on my phone that serves no purpose whatsoever.


Good point.

I’ve been typing “deg” for years until now.

Granted, we all use § ₽ ₩ daily, but an easy to find °?

Nooooo. Ha ha.

My brother and I send coords to each other when we find a good hunting spot or place on the river to check out. I just send him a screen shot of Google map or a picture of my GPS. He has some way of sending me a little thumbtack on a map. Makes it easier for me than him for sure. He has a degree button on his phone so he writes down the cords and types them in.

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I’m scrolling thru looking for the emblems you posted and see that my space bar switches me from English to Spanish on the keyboard. That explains the n with the squiggle over it

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Android is foreign to me, as Apple might be to you. Holding my space bar makes my keyboard into a little track pad, like a mouse - so I can go back and edit mistakes easily. I only found this out recently too. I wonder what else is hidden in there!