Help with commercial water hookups

Hi guys, a question about water hookups…

I am new here, and to the business and focus mostly on residential (part time). I have a friend who owns a bar on main st. and it has hookups I am not familiar with (See image). I tried looking through some threads but I’m not sure I’m using the right terminology to find the answers that may be out there so any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

A few questions for you commercial guys…
a. What type of hookup is this? / how do I attach a hose to it?
b. are there common commercial hookups vs a spigot on the side of a house? If so, which should I be prepared to utilize?
c. any resources/threads that might dive into commercial hookups and the connectors/adapters needed?

I know that commercial is a whole different ball game and I dont intend for that to be my focus, but would like to pick up a few simple ones here and there if the opportunities present themselves - and grow my knowledge as well.

I’m well aware that there are certain commercial jobs that are out of my league and that’s okay with me. I’m not here to screw anyone over, so I’d just recommend them to a larger company.

Appreciate any insight.

Take that pic to Lowe’s or home Depot and any one in plumbing can hook you up with a bib to screw in there. I keep a few on each truck. A faucet handle will probably turn those, or a pair of needle nose pliers.


Ditto…have a water-key (sillcock key) on your truck for such occasions too. We’ve never needed the adapter you need, but we use those fairly often.

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Here you go


I have one buried somewhere in my truck from storefront window cleaning days.

and always have the key with you and make sure the spigot actually works (make sure water comes out)… i have learned that lesson the HARD WAY… youll will go to a commerical site and then youll see many hook up sites (and not check each one) and think youll be ok with 150-200 feet of hose until you realise half of them are turned off or dont work and only the ones that are half a mile away works… and then you dont have enough hose lol


same applies to residential… specially when you are running high flow machines

Was just looking at a commercial job this morning, and now I need one of those adapters. Went to Lowe’s, but didn’t see what I needed anywhere. Didn’t get a good pic inside (without the water on :man_facepalming: ), but it looked like it needed to be male/male, just like the one pic’d above. Anyone have any insight on ordering it off Amazon?

Not Amazon but it should help you. Bear in mind, those threads can be from 13/16 to 1 and an 1/8. You gotta know what size to order. The box you posted is a Woodford. Is there is a number stamped on it you can use that to get the thread size also

May have to be a “day of” purchase then…it’s over an hour away, lol. Or buy them all, and return the wrong ones…

For the record, I’ve been sitting here for an hour waiting for you (or @Racer) to give me the answer… :joy:


I’m just a phone call away. Rick is one of the few that calls for tips and doesn’t argue with me lol.

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Yeah, if it had been pressing I would have looked up the number :slight_smile:

I still have to plan for this:

I mean…why start caring now? :rofl:
This one’s a @dcbrock special…


Might have to run two six volt batteries in series there.


none in stock at any Home Depot around…looks like ordering both to have on hand…

Don’t misunderstand, there’s about 5 sizes in between the two I listed. It really runs the gamut. I’ve got a tray full of them on the trucks. A guy at Grainger hooked me up with 4 of each size years ago when I didn’t know what size I needed. They have all come in handy over the years

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is the bib side NPT? Or do you know?

Edit: NVM… “special threads”

Worst case I can split the inside spigot that’s hitting 6gpm…there’s going to be plenty of dwell time on this job :joy:

Haha, he almost said it! I’ll bet he has a shoebox full of ball valves stashed away in the closet.
@JAtkinson You’ll have a fun time with that one! I’d rather bring a lawn chair & a cooler to that than go to a convention.

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Oh yeah that’s exactly what my awning looked like.