Help with black mold/algae on entrance stone sign

What do you think is the best way to tackle this black mold/algae on this wall? I run across this quite a bit it it generally needs quite a pressure and SH. Anybody have any ideas on an easier way to clean it off?


You can try HD Britenol at 10:1 / 15:1

EaCo Chem Inc. Cleaning and Restoration Compound Manufacturer

Thanks Trey, I’ll check it out for next time. I like to have options, need to find a supplier in my area.

I did the project with SH and a house wash, lots it turned out great.

nice save

Wow, that really did turn out great! What was your method?

Hit the bad spots with a 1:3 SH in a pump sprayer, then down streamed SH+housewash. Let that dwell 15-30 minutes, keep spaying with just water so it didn’t dry. Then a whole lot of wand work, there was a pretty nasty layer of crud on there, I was a little surprised at the effort needed to get it off.

I took the project one step further and painted the letters black last night, I’m trying to offer this as an add on when I do subdivision/office park entrance ways.

nice work