Help with bidding commercial work

Hello all,

I Was recently contacted about a bunch of title loan companies. The services they are wanting would be an exterior cleaning and parking lot/driveway cleanup. My question is does your rates go up when doing commercial work? I have a set wage I try to make when doing all my residential work but have never bid a commercial job before. My gut tells me your wage is your wage and I shouldn’t bump up my prices but just want to make sure I’m not shooting myself in the foot and leaving money on the table.

Thanks in advance.

Calculate time and cost per location and go from there. If your unsure, always add extra. You can always drop price if you think you over charged the customer. But it is a pain in the butt, to try to tack on money to make a profit. Bid a little higher, commercial work is more expensive than residential work. There is more traffic and thus more filth to clean. Just my 2 cent’s.

I get .07-10/sf on building exteriors plus the cost of a lift if needed and I get .07-15 sf for flat work depending on the size.