Help! White siding got stained after I cleaned it

I have power washed and stained decks part-time for over 22 years.

Besides my own house and a few friends houses, I haven’t cleaned many houses. This summer I’ve done about five.

I cleaned this house using a 3:1 water to bleach mix plus surfactant. After rinsing the front of the house, I moved on to the next side of the house. When I came back about 15 minutes later I noticed these streaks. They were not there before.

First, I tried rinsing with water. Then I tried my house mix. Then I tried straight bleach. Nothing touched it.

Additionally, where the eave meets the siding, there was some residue I couldn’t get rid of as well. You can see it better on the close-up pics.

Any ideas on what to use to get rid of the stain? I have been reading on this forum for the past month. And I finally created a user name/login since I saw that people like to know that newbs are researching things first and taking the time to read. :smile:

Thankfully, this is my mom’s house.

Looks like they’re in line with the weep holes. If SH isn’t touching them you’ll have to try something else. SH usually takes of “leakers” so kind of surprised it’s not. When one chemical isn’t working you move on to something else.

If you research “fallout” you’ll learn about the siding up under the eaves. It’s caused by the pollutants in the air. Plus, those upper to runs never get rinsed by the rain. You’ll need a degreaser for that. Just pour a little in a bucket, dip your brush in, and just walk with the brush along the siding. Some will clip a microfiber rag over the brush and use it. Squids has a video on it somewhere on here. I’d try the degreaser for the “leakers” too. If it looks more like rust from a nail or something use oxalic.

One thing to remember when messing with the leakers is if the siding is oxidized and, you go scrubbing them, you’ll likely have to scrub the whole side of the house. The fallout is high enough you’ll be okay just scrubbing the top two rows without noticing. It doesn’t look like rust but I think I’d try some oxalic first since you can usually get by without scrubbing. Plus, I just don’t see there being anything back behind the siding that would cause you to need a degreaser.


What he said.


Thank you!

I will try the oxalic first. Then a degreaser if that doesn’t work. Thanks!

And I’m already searching/reading up on the forums about “fallout”. I didn’t know that’s what it was called.

I would hit with HW mix in a pump up sprayer and lightly mist to rinse so no more will leak. Never had one that this didn’t work on.

Spraying more bleach will not help…

Give it one week, come back and those marks will be gone.

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Discoloration at the top will still be there …that’s an easy fix though “due to tears of neglect the siding is stained”

Those other marks will disappear within a weeek

I had a house where this happend, a week later I came back with the Calvary and every chemical you can think of.

Only to see the house looked perfect and the stains were gone


What type of siding is that?

I’ll give it some time and see what happens! Thanks!

It is vinyl siding.

Just re wash the house. Remember when you rinse the water should be falling


Re washing the house won’t do anything.

Just leave it be for a week.

The answer isn’t always throw more bleach at it.

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No need to to rewash. If driving you crazy a magic eraser will take the leaker right off.

I use f9 for fallout removal as i didn’t have any luck with degreaser getting it off at least where I’m at.

I understand this is your moms. Are you telling me you would leave a customers house like that for a week. No way re wash the house rinse it the correct way all your problems will go away

Have you tried wiping it with a rag?

If you read the very first post he said he tried using sh again and it didn’t work. He even tried it at full strength.

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@marinegrunt I apologize I should have asked him what his house wash was and what strength his bleach was first. I assumed he was at least a part time pro. Thank you now he can clarify. If it was me I still would rewash the house. But I would be doing it with my house wash recipe that’s why I told him to do it.


Yessir. Rag works most of the time but you do get the stubborn ones sometimes

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Don’t wipe it. If that side is oxidized it will look terrible. Maybe not more terrible than the brown streaks. If you can, do what @Patriotspwashing suggested. Let us know what it looks like in a few days.