Help. What am I doing wrong here?

I think they’re having some probs sitewide with some things. This might be one of them.

Do I get a prize for helping find website bugs?

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No, but you do get a badge.

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Just need to hit multiple times till it comes clean assuming you have decent SH. What’s the pressure hose and wand for?

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Nevermind the hose and wand. I want to know who uses a lance that long for anything other than truck washing lol that’s got to be at least a 48" lance

Deck and Fence guys. Think I am upgraded my fence cleaning wand to a 60" next year

So your just giving out badges to people that haven’t even read the book? Great!

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My apologies. It was late and I was feeling generous.

Plus, I want the non-Americans to feel like they have a seat at the table. I mean, it might be a small seat facing the corner, but hey, it’s a seat.


I’ll need to get rid of this lance haha too long for sure. I apply the roof mix with a ball valves and tip from my 12v. What’s best to rinse with? Regular garden hose or the ball valve on the 8gpm?

What @racer is implying is that you said you were going to hit it with 5% but the pic shows a wand and pw hose, but to get 5% you’d need to be using your 12v. So we’d expect to see that in the pic instead.

Sorry let me clarify. I applied my 50/50 roof mix with a 12v system. At one point I started to get frustrated because I wasn’t getting desired results and tried rinsing with the wand and soap tip. I realized this is wrong and I’m doing something incorrectly. I went at it again today with a fresh 50/50 mix and needed to cost it two more times. That was the trick. I then rinsed thoroughly with my 8gpm and ball valve.


I bought high end equipment however i am very new at this. Yesterday was discouraging but I’m sticking it out and will not be defeated! Tomorrow I will do the house wash. I plan to downstream straight SH with surfactant mixed in.

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Will send before and after pics tomorrow. It’s dark here now.

You’ll have some discouraging days in this field. More of them as you first start up and get snagged on various things. No worries. Press on. You got this.

Thank you!!

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Look at what you’ve learned on this job. I learn something about every day. It never stops. Way to hang in there and get it done.

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My biggest issues were:

  1. Hose management. I fought hoses all day. Any suggestions?

  2. My soap tip on my 8gpm was too aggressive when downstreaming. A lot of over spray and misting everywhere.

  3. What is best method for rinsing? I am currently using my 8gpm ball valve.

  4. Degreaser seemed to work better on the concrete painted house than SH. Is it normal to downstream degreaser instead of SH on a dirty concrete painted house? I can’t mix right?

Thanks for your support guys. You’ve truly been a godsend.

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One of the roofs has very old and peeling elastomer. Customer was aware it wouldn’t clean up too well but would be prepped for another coat. All the after photos were taken early in am before sun came out and it had rained so the surfaces were wet and darker. Looks better now that it’s dry.

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