Help. What am I doing wrong here?

Guy need help. Hitting this with 5% mix. Let it dwell for 20 min. Won’t come off with rinse. What am I doing wrong?

how are you applying 5%?

12v system

Have you tried upping your mix? That roof looks neglected. It may take a hotter mix to really break it loose.

I’ll boost it up and give it another coat. That was only 1 coat. I’m guessing it was too neglected for 1 coat only?

Did you do a test spot before you started?

What surfactant are you using?

  1. I don’t do roofs
  2. I’m not much a a PW guy either

Having taken #1 and #2 into consideration consider how sodium hypochlorite works. Once SH makes contact with the organic matter it stops working. If you need to clean heavily encrusted surface LAYERS I would imagine you need a stronger concentration or more applications of the same product.

I derived my answer from reasoning, not experience.

Not a roof cleaner…but I would continue to apply coats of a strong mix on it until it cleans up.

Yes. It actually cleaned up well on another dirtier roof…I’m using “cling it” from a local supplier. Doesn’t sud up much at all. I guess that’s it?

Your results from one roof have absolutely nothing to do with how well the next roof will turn out. You need to do a test spot on each one to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions and also to give you an idea on how strong of a mix to start with. There’s not a “one size fits all” for anything in this business.

I agree however these were two of the same roofs on the same property. I believe my issue may have been surfactant too since it didn’t soap up well at all even after putting a bit more than the label instructed. If the roof mix dries before I rinse in the barrel tile is that working against me too?

Yes. @Dirtyboy touched on SH losing its effectiveness when applied. He stated that it stops working when it contacts organic materials. That is partly true, however, the SH will continue to work as long as it is still wet. So if you continue to wet down the surface, it will continue to work on the stain. Surfactant doesn’t do any heavy lifting in the equation. It’s main purpose is to break the surface tension of the water and SH and allow those to seep further into the substrate therefore increasing their effectiveness. It’s like washing grease off your dishes. Warm water and scrubbing does okay but when you add soap it really makes quick work of it. Like @Racer says, some folks around here need to help the wife with dishes more often lol


I help make dirty dishes, does that count?

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Got it. When you say rewet the surface you mean another quick coat of roof mix to keep it wet and working, not rinse right. Dumb question I guess. Today kicked my ■■■…

No, no you have to help DO the dishes after dinner. That’s how you learn lol

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Yeah, just mist it a bit with your mix every so often. Not enough to run, just a quick mist.

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