Help Should I Upgrade?

Hey guys I will be going on my 3rd season in the business this Spring. I am looking to possibly upgrade my current setup to get jobs done faster. The majority of my work is house washes (80% of them being vinyl), decks, and occasional patio and concrete work. My current setup is the pressure pro 13hp Gx390 honda, 5.6 GPM, 2500psi machine, using an 85gal buffer tank and downstreaming.

I saw this older post that has water dragon Udor 20GPM pump on a GX390 with two outputs for dual guns. .
I know this is a ton of GPM, more than needed, but as it seems it would only be around $ 1,300 for that pump, if I can put it on the current GX390 I have it may be an affordable upgrade. It shows that it can be regulated down to lower GPM and would be awesome for big jobs to be able to have dual guns at work. I know I wont be able to do much or any flatwork with the low pressure but I may consider it. I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks

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I would just buy an 8gpm that won’t give you any problems for years and if it does it’s covered under warranty. I’ve seen a lot of people over the years try to build their on setup and have nothing but trouble with it.

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Seems to me the udor pump set-up you reference becomes a specialty piece of equipment. Like you said, you won’t be doing flatwork with it. 560 psi to me, would make this a house wash only machine. Wood cleaning starts at 700-800 psi, concrete is 1500+ psi, roofs generally use 12V at 60-100 psi.
I would personally prefer to have a more versatile machine such as a 8GPM 3500 PSI that I can use nozzles to control PSI.
Also, when would one actually use 20 GPM? Maybe doing large area flatwork with a huge surface cleaner but the PSI on that is way too low. Rinsing a house with 20 GPM would result in a flooded backyard in no time. If you did use 20 GPM, that water tank would have to be huge. For simplicity, say you have a 200 gal water tank and the feed coming into is 5 gpm. In 12 minutes you are out of water.
I guess I just don’t get the practical everyday use for that kind of machine. Maybe someone else can chime in?


8gpm 3500 is plenty. Some go up to 10gpm but that’s not necessary for house washing…plus you may have to change your hoses to 1/2 then. If you only do “occasional” flatwork even the upgrade to 8gpm might not be necessary. That setup you have is a simple great unit for house washing. 8gpm might help you get done a little faster with rinsing a house but 5.6 gets it done quick too. If you’re washing 4-5 houses a day then I would upgrade to 8.

All he would need to do is plan on upgrading his engine at some point, and everything changes for the better.

Buy another one of the machines that you already have and hire a tech to run it with you. That will be much faster that running a bigger machine.

THanks for everyones input. I am now considering keeping my 5.6 how it is and use it for flatwork and maybe building or buying this setup for house washes

Whats your guys thoughts; up to 10 gpm and can hook up two guns at 5.25 each. What about the 200 psi is that do able or too low vs the above setup with 560psi?

200 psi…Not exactly sure what that is…Garden hose?

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That’s about $500-$600 higher than you can buy those units from other distributors. You’ll probably never run it higher than 175psi.