Help on this concrete wall $$$

Usually I do just residential stuff. Got a call to clean this wall up the painters can paint. It is in front of a gas station along the road. I’m in Florida. Wall looks pretty bad but I guess I could soft washing with a hot mix maybe 4% or so fan it out what the wand. Looks like it hasn’t been clean forever. Anything I should worry about you guys think with the county or anything like that doesn’t look like there’s anything dangerous for runoff. Also not even sure what the charge on this one probably by the hour? 145 ft long and two and a half feet high both sides. Thinking like maybe 450 bucks? What do you guys think any help would be appreciated.

Oh and also I only have a 200 gallon buffer tank and there’s no water hookup here! Might have to pass this one

A far more relevant bit of information than anything else you put up there…that won’t last you an hour no matter what machine you’re running. Those lichen are likely to suck too…

I would guess that gas station has a water hookup.
Or you could do it in 2-3 trips hauling water.

I think the guy that called me is from the county so I don’t think he’s involved with the gas station. As far as filling my water tank up back and forth I’m a little worried about putting that much weight on a single axle like that bus with the Sh tank motor and such don’t want to screw the Axel up yes.

Pay the gas station owner $50-100 to use the water for 3-4 hours. Include it in your quote.

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Yeah for sure I got to call the guy tomorrow I’ll try to figure it out with him. I was thinking cuz it sounded like you might be able to get me war work I was going to do it for like 350 bucks but I think I’ll bump it up to like 4 or 4:50

You’ll have to end up cleaning the sidewalks as well or they look blotchy with all that bleach

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No water, I walk….

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If there’s no water, I charge extra to bring it.

If there’s no water, 99% of my competition is already out of the running.

My bare none negotiable ask from any customer is running water and closed windows. Without those 2 we keep it moving.


Yeah I was thinking the same exact thing with the sidewalk. He had mentioned that he just wanted to clean the wall to get it prepped to paint

Charge what the job’s worth. If I had $5 for everytime I’ve heard that line about more work from another contractor, I’d have IBS type money.


I got $12 in singles and change, two cans of spam and an old Barlow knife. My wife has the money

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