Help on a beckett oil pump

i have a mit pressure washer it runs hot and cold my oil pump that feeds my burner went out so i thought . its a beckett cleancut A2EA-6520 diesel would run straight ot the overflow line so i went and bought a new pump followed the instrutions to the tee well the same thing is happing with the new as it did with the old can anyonegive some very needed advice thank u

When is the last time you cleaned the injector nozzle

i havent i checked it blew it out seemed to be fine

Make sure your oil line is clear and not clogged, how’s the filter? Clean?

Also, be sure that your allowing the new pump to prime, it should be sending the oil back to the tank just on (ON mode)

i replaced the filter oil line is clear oil and airb comes vout when i prime but most of oil goes ot the return and it doesnt shoot out to the furnace

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i fileed a 32ounce cup when i primed

It only goes out the the furnace when the triggers on, you have to have the heater ON. Then set the temp and fire up the machine and use a small enough nozzle to activate the pressure sensor to turn the heater on.

it could be my coil i think thats the the only thing i havent checked since it was brand new my old pump started acting up out of the blew and th new one is doing the same excact thingcould that be the cause

The burner is only coming on when you are on the trigger correct