HELP! No Water!

Hi Everyone!

New here but not new to the power of forums.

So I have a Husqvarna 020490 3100 PSI PWMA PW101 pressure washer.

6 months ago I had it overhauled and serviced.

Here is why I’m posting this in the newbie section.

The thing started right up… I’ve got plenty of water pressure from the hose but not a single drop of water is coming out of the outlet on the washer… where you connect the line on the washer.

Is there some sort of valve on the pump or something that the guys at the shop closed? I cannot find anything.

Has to be something like a closed valve somewhere otherwise water would be coming out even if the pump was bad.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

My name is Jon and I live in SE Florida.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the unit in question for those that aren’t familiar.


Yes sir, that’s it… thank you for posting that.

I guess start with the basics, post a pic of just the pump with water connected, with and without the pressure hose on.

I’d also contact that repair shop and ask what they did. Just curious, why was it ‘overhauled’, did something break on it?

I’ll take some pictures tonight and post.

I didn’t feel like rebuilding the carb… do it enough on my motorcycles.

They washer just wasn’t starting because I didn’t burn the gas out of the carb several times and it sat for months. The washer was working fine.

Normally if you attach the water hose and turn on the water the water will come out of the outlet even if the spray washer isn’t running. Know what I mean? Not a drop is coming out :frowning:

The only thing I saw was there may be shipping caps still installed. There’s a help hotline in the manual for you to call

I’ve had good luck with just replacing carbs with a generic brand from amazon or ebay. Did that for my gx390 a few years ago; new $30 carb worked without a hiccup.

Thanks Everyone!

what was the issue?