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Hey guys ,
I did a job yesterday, on outside seating it was unfinished wood , I went to a hardware store to get cleaning agent because I didn’t want to use bleach. Long story short they told me the cleaner had no bleach but in reality it did . It caused some dis coloration. I was able to hit it with peroxide to neutralize it but there some pretty noticeable blue/grey streaks. Any suggestions for fixing this ?
Any chemicals that can help reverse or dull the color , will I probably have to sand it ? Appreciate any assistance

I suggest you read the deck cleaning 101 thread about three times over before you even consider taking on another wood project. What are you going to do if your customer isn’t satisfied with it after sanding? You seen lumber prices lately?

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Also, usually, the main ingredients are listed on the bottle. If not, you can always google the product and find the SDS.

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I’ll pay for it like any adult would, and believe me lesson learned . I won’t ever take someone else’s word and I know to never use that product again . And I’ve read over that thread already . Not looking for someone to be condescending I’m looking for advice on how to fix a problem


The bottle didn’t list ingredients which I found weird it just listed things not to mix it with . I already know not to use bleach on wood especially if I don’t have neutralizer and moving forward I will have neutralizer on hand no matter what. I can’t blame anyone but myself . But the people who sold me the stuff should know their product especially if it contains bleach. I had cleansol bc and one restore I could have easily used that had I known about the product having Clorox

I wasn’t being condescending. If you’ve read the thread, I suggest you re-read it because it’s a wealth of information that you are obviously lacking. That’s why I suggested it in the first place. You have three hours of read time on here which is essentially nothing so it’s the best resource that I could direct you to. Maybe thicken your skin up a touch if you intend to hang around. When you make mistakes is when you learn. Unfortunately, you made a mistake on someone’s property that you are now responsible (and liable) for and you’ll have to set it right. Never did I even remotely suggest that you weren’t an adult. You did.

Good going, DT, I think you crashed the whole site. Lol

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Peroxide doesn’t neutralize bleach. Just hire a painter to strip and restain the wood.


he said it was unfinished wood, so I guess there isn’t a need to re stain it.

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And I never suggested I was a child, but your asking me what am going to do and have I looked at the price of wood . What do you think I was going to do if the person wasn’t happy or wanted me to pay for damage seems like a condescending question.
And you brought no help to the situation besides telling me to read something that doesn’t have answers to my question lol. If I make a mistake I man up . Again you didn’t offer help or an answer you stated the obvious
My skin is fine as is .

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Thank you for reading lol, yeah it wasn’t treated . And it def wasn’t on purpose I know better than to use bleach on wood if there’s no organic growth. I did a lot of research before starting the business hours and hours of reading on 3 diff forums and videos galore

I’m not sure if you know what your talking about because peroxide does neutralize bleach it turns it to salt water , I know because I took chemistry in college and was something I learned

Look dude I’m not here to argue with you. You say you read a ton before joining. That’s great. I suggested you read a thread that specifically covers deck cleaning and how to go about it because, judging from your results, you have no idea what you’re doing. The whole “picture is worth a thousand words” thing. You can delete your comments and continue to act as if I somehow implied you wouldn’t own up to your mistake but that’s not what I did. Either way, I don’t care. Continue costing yourself unnecessary money and damaging your client’s property (and your reputation–which is much more valuable) if you like. It genuinely does not affect me whatsoever.

Good luck with it.

You’ve been having that issue to huh? Been happening for a couple days now.

Uh…it literally has nearly all of the information a professional would need to complete the job you posted pictures of. Had you followed the advice in that thread your post made here would be unnecessary thereby rendering the entire point moot. Oh well. Some people just have to learn things the hard way, I suppose.

In fact, the very first post covers cleaning an untreated pine deck (what you cleaned) and exactly how to go about it with excellent results. You say you know not to use bleach on wood that doesn’t have organic growth. The deck in the first post of that thread has very little, if any organic growth and was cleaned with SH. I’m beginning to think you didn’t even read the thread and because I didn’t spoon feed you the answer on how to fix your predicament that you chose to act as if I had somehow slighted you. That would be the definition of thin-skinned. There’s some things you don’t learn in college. How to admit fault and learn from it is one of them

Yeah, it was done for me for about 15 hours yesterday. Started getting a “502 bad gateway”.

I also noticed it’ll now draw a red line and say “last visit” over new posts on a thread I’ve already read.

Same here. I like the red line thing. That’s how the other forums I frequent have theirs set up so it’s just natural for me to scan for that. I wish they’d bring back that conveniently placed and appropriately sized blue button though…

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lol. yes, for sure.

I third the new red line “last visit” addition :+1: . I know I’m continuing the thread derailment but I don’t think the original thread is going anywhere.

I stand corrected.