Help Needed w/soap mixture

So my lead technician failed to inform me that we were running low on
Simple Cherry. And now we are out!

I have a soft wash job lined up for this Wednesday and do not have any
soap to mix. I will be ordering some Fresh Wash but I will not get it by Wednesday.

We tried using Simple Green as a mix but it does not seem like it works nearly
as good as Simple Cherry does.

My question…is there anything I can buy locally that I can use as a mix with my SH?

I’m in a pinch…hopefully someone can toss me a bone!!

Thanks in advance.

Dawn blue dish soap works well.

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How much of it in a typical 5 gal mix?

Anyone else??

Cpl squarts. Then mix it up and ds.

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Just make sure you get regular, non-Ultra Dawn.
I like “Summertime Showers” or something like that. I have to go to Dollar General to find non-Ultra.

Yep Dawn will do it… Just wont smell as nice :slight_smile:

What’s the difference between the two, for PWers, [MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION]?

Ultra will react with the bleach, resulting in toxic gas immediately and dead bleach fairly quickly.

Thanks for your help guys. And Thad especially, at Ace all they had was the “ultra”. It did not have a warning
not to use it with bleach chlorine. But a knockoff brand however, that was also “ultra”, clearly did state not
to use with bleach chlorine because of the reasons Thad stated.

I really appreciate the heads up, I wouldn’t have known any better. Turns out there was a Family Dollar Store
and sure enough they carried some “non concentrated” that read “it was safe with bleach”.

Good stuff…thanks guys. It worked just fine, although I can’t wait to try the Fresh Wash for the first time!!