Help me understand lowering pressure with nozzle size

Drop injector hose in a bucket of water when doing my last rinse. I never bypass mine unless doing concrete anyway. Only needs to run about 45 seconds.

They’re just T’s with appropriate connector.

Maybe a stupid question, but what flow are you increasing? Water flow or injector flow? If that makes sense. Are you pulling more from the injector or increasing water flow?

Ive never clean my injectors, and ive been using the same one for 3 year. What is there really to clean? When your running water through it normally shouldn’t it be rinsing it out that way

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Your increasing over all flow. Look through a DS injector, and you will see a tiny hole. Your trying to force 5,6, or 8+ gpm through that little opening. So by passing the injector you essentially go back to a 3/8 ID, allowing for full flow again. This is especially helpful when using a surface cleaner. You can feel and see a difference.

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Interesting. I use to go through gummed up injectors every few months. I guess I’m gonna have to try a bypass and see how I like it.

Bypass is a marketing gimmick. They were the fad about 15 years ago also. By the time you bypass the injector thru two elbows and a loop you have gained enough friction loss to negate what you earned. Save your efforts Brodie.

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Just curious is all. I like my two valve set up now. Go fishing. I’m headed to Alabama. Tyler has another tank.

(Doesn’t mean I don’t want to try it to see what the fuss is about.)

Can you snap a pic of your set up when you get a chance?

Go for it. Tinkering is always fun. I made some years ago but it used a ball valve and you know how much I hate them

I notice a difference when i bypass the injector, you can feel the SC float better.
And my under standing with the elbows means you may loose some psi, but not gpm. When you try to force 5+ gpm through that small opening on an injector your loosing both psi and gpm.

Also if you go the route Racer has his (straight through design), you would only have to loop when soaping.

You don’t really lose any gpm going thru injector. But, it’s not hurting anything to use it if it makes you happy.

Center hose goes to injector. Valve on the right goes to the tank for pulling water. Valve on the left goes to chem tank. I can see it from a distance if soap is on and it’s not pulling. The visual representation and act of physically shutting one valve and opening another gives me the warm and fuzzies.

The valves and barbs are stainless steel and I got them from a beer/wine making webstore for a couple bucks each. The injector is stainless.

I’m not messing around with brass or poly valves anymore. I never had any luck with poly valves. Constantly breaking. Like into pieces.

Maybe if you didn’t spin your trailer around in circles they wouldn’t break in pieces


Too soon, lol


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Racer when you say you don’t bypass explain that please. On mine just like yours my injector is in different spot. Once I get done with soap I turn valve and rinse. Am I doing this right?