Help me understand lowering pressure with nozzle size

When I look at his nozzle tips. What exactly is all the numbers in drop down box meaning
For instance. When I look at 5 degree nozzle the drop down box has different selections like. #40(0540). What do these numbers stand for. Thanks in advance

1/4" MEG Spraying Systems Nozzles - 1/4" Meg Nozzles

the first two numbers are the spray pattern, ie. 0540 is a 5 degree pattern. the second two numbers are orifice size, so a xx40 tip is a 4.0 orifice size. you can look at this chart to see what orifice size does to your psi. you usually try to match the orifice size up with the gpm of your machine.

i think i have all that right… somebody please correct me if i’m wrong.


So a 40 office is good for 4 gpm machine. And 60. For a 6 gpm. Right

So using chart if I want 800 psi on my 4000 psi 4 gpm machine which tip would I use. The chart just not making sense to me

See if I am correct. If I want 4 gpm at 800 psi. I need a 9 orfice is that right

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Your’re doing good exploring asking questions. Do me and future guys a favor though. When you have a question like this - please do ask - but title the thread “Help me understand nozzle sizes” That way future searchers will be better able to get good results when they search.

Study the following table. One of my machines is 8 gpm at 3,000 psi. Can you see how I arrived at what tip size I need? That is all in red. But that pressure is hard on an old guy, and can be hard on a house too. So I want to drop the pressure down for downstreaming. Can you follow the other color blocks (with blue dots around them) that help me figure what size tips I need to be easier on my arm?

Good, can you read the chart (yes I know it looks dutch when you first try) and decide what pressure you would get from your machine if you use different tips?


You got It!

You must have been typing while I was illustrating. I’ll leave my illustration up to help others. You’re doing good Mr. Baker.

Asking and learning will serve you well.

So am i reading this right with a 50 nozzle it will give you 100 psi at 7.98 gpm

I think i got it now thanks alot


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one more thing on tips- don’t get confused and think the angle of the spray affects the gpm or pressure. it only affects the pattern of the water coming out. 0040 is 4 gpm straight out like a laser. 2540 is a 25 degree fan, but it’s still 4gpm and whatever pressure your pump puts out. so you need to learn not only which tips get you what pressure, but which patterns work best for different types of cleaning.

and i think that if you use a tip with an orifice that is too small for your machine you can damage your pump. i don’t know all the rules on that one yet though.

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In the drop down field the #'s in parentheses are the part number.

Nozzle/pressure calculator. I use it all the time. Bookmark it.

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