Help me get started washing houses with my 2gpm Craftsman PW Please

I just got a free Pressure Washer. Its a Craftsman Model 580.752310.
The PSI is 2450 and it only is a 2gpm machine.
This is an older machine but it runs and sprays fine.
The prepump suction does not work. I wish it did but I am not really sure where the suction hose goes anyway. There is a black nozzle on a 90 degree angle and there is also a metal nozzle that comes straight out of the side on the bottom of the machine, neither of which seem to suck in the water I was testing. If you can give any advice on this that would be great.

There are a couple questions I have, but I want to preface it with this…
I want to add this to my window washing business which I just started a few months ago, also I understand this is a low powered machine but I am completely clueless about Pressure Washing so please go easy on me if my questions sound stupid.

I want to get into softwashing houses using downstreaming. I dont know if this machine would even support that even if I bought the adapter to do Downstream injection. would there be enough low pressure to do this? If so is it by just buying the bigger sized tips for the end of the gun?

I see that softwashing by using downstream injection can involve a ton of equipment. Im just starting out and want the most cheap minimal setup at the moment. Will just a PW and downstream injector work for me just starting out so i can build up or do i need other equipment to start with?

I want to just do a few houses so that I can buy a 4-5gpm machine and start soft washing with that.

Let me know what you guys think!

A downstream injector is $30-ish. Buy one and test it out. There really isn’t “a ton” of equipment involved for a bare bones setup.

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You said I am completely clueless about pressure washing. Search down streaming
on this forum and start reading.Anything you can not find, ask. But please don’t show
up at a paying customers home with a 2gpm pressure washer! This industry has a lot
of black eyes, due to exactly this.Learn, rent a machine if you have to and wash your
own home, couple friends, etc.with a minimum 4 gpm machine. Reading your post, I
would educate myself on all aspects of house washing and save my money to buy a
minimum 4 gpm belt driven pressure washer. This is what this guy thinks. Good luck.