Help me find a fittings for my 5 gallon softwash tank

Hello guys.

I got a 5 gallon plastic tank from amazon. It appear to have a 3/4 npt thread molded in cap. I want to build enclosed chemical tank out of it and I want to ask for suggestions on fittings. I spent a better part of the evening looking at various banjo bulkhead fittings and I m afraid I got a paralysis by analysis. I want to have a hose barb on outside and a pickup tube with strainer on the inside so if I accidentally tip the jug over I won’t spill it on the lawn. Please suggest what fittings would work with SH and would have 3/4 outside and whatever inside threads? My head is going numb. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Just go to Lowe’s or home depot and pick up a bulkhead fitting in the plumbing aisle. You’ll have female threads in both ends AND male threads on one side. Stick a barb in one side and a male/female fitting in the other, glue in a 16"ish section of 1/2" pvc with a stainless screen. You’ll need to vent the lid too. Pics below for thread reference.

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Thank you for taking time. I have been looking at these fittings on amazon and description says “for holes of 1-1/2” or “drill 1-3/8 hole” so it threw me off… Thank you again @Jake_Lambert

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