Help me decide on a logo



I believe the last one works best. It works with the roof outline or not. You can design around the square proportion.
On the others, Drop the lines coming out from the middle, they will make it difficult to design your other material around. There are not many themes that work with radial lines. The first one is nice without the lines.
Looks good.


Not sure what your choice will be, but remember that your logo has to be easily made out when it is really small. It should also look good when printed in black and white.

Do not use this logo

Dont use this logo! This will seriously limit your options for a website down the road. The logo will look like horrible unless you have it centered on the navigation with the links on each side of it.

This logo may become illegible when printed small, like on a business card.

This looks like a coffee shop logo, not a house washing logo

This is by far the best

Very simple, straight forward to the point, printable on anything, shows the state etc.


I like this one


My choice as well.


i was going to come in get me a omelet and waffle.


#1 for me as well


What does natural state mean? That saying along with the state outline is not helping anyone understand what you are doing seems to me a simple message would serve you better… Just my 2 cents.


I like the one with the siding. Looks more like a house.
Interesting your use of the word “home” over the use of the word “house”
Interesting indeed. May work well.
I agree the starburst and sunburst ones look like starbucks knock-offs


“Natural State” is the state motto. Arkansas is the Natural State. To clean something, is to return it to it’s Natural State. It was an accidental double entendre (double meaning) we stumbled upon. Locals like it.


I understand that. The picture of the state takes up to much space, and takes away from your message. The verbiage is good, if your dead set on using the state graphic to confuse people ( one has a door? And one does not what does that mean) then I would vote for the smallest one that la in rhe attic amd looks like a window. Then at least it looks like you clean windows… I am in the process of taking my logo off my trucks. To me and all the plumbers it looks great and they think it is a clever graphic. To the customers it is confusing.


Greg, we do not intend to use all of thease logos. We only intend to use one. These are just concept. Yes, that’s why one has a door, one does not. One has a roof, one does not. And a couple are just kind of trendy. We certainly don’t want to confuse anyone, but branding is important to me.


I realize you are only going to use one. I was asking what it means … Door no door etc…
Basically I’m trying to tell you to brand your self not your state…


I gotcha. You have a valid argument. We are going with Arkansas with a door, because the audience we polled like it the most at felt it represented Arkansas as a/their home.


Did you get these made by a local designer or fiverr?




#5 looks great to me.