Help identifying orange slime

Picture is attached
Hw mix does nothing, but it wipes straight off
Notice my finger mark in the middle

What the heck is this and how do i get it off, it wipes off so easily im putting a rag over my brush and getting it but what’s the easy way for the future

Thank you

Brush it or use some acid and then medium pressure. 1000psi or less

Very weird substance, any idea what it is?
I took a hard brush to it and it hardly did a thing, but my finger and wet rag took it right off

Do the residents smoke?

House probably hasn’t been washed in awhile. Don’t use a hard brush, use a soft one.

Who cares what it is, doesn’t belong on there, clean it.

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We call that ‘fallout’ where I live, it can be junk from the air deposited under the porches and eaves.