Help identifying a machine

Hello! I’ve been researching a pressure washer to buy and have been considering starting with a 4gpm machine to learn and practice. I know most of the pros here recommend grabbing a 5.5 or 8gpm machine right off the rip just to start right, but I’d be lifting couch cushions to find some dimes for that purchase. Doesn’t seem wise without any experience or an established customer base.

That said, I figured I’d also hunt FB marketplace to see if I could find a deal. This seller isn’t sure what GPM his pressure washer is but just told me he thinks it’s 6 GPM. Does that seem right? I don’t know much, but that seems too high for a Honda GX270 motor. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

No way it’s 6gpm with only a 270 on it. 4 gpm machines will have a 390. Probably a 3.5

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Thanks for confirming! Glad to hear I was on the right track lol. Wasn’t sure if there was some obscure Simpson model or crazy custom features that produced 6GPM for some reason.

See if you can get a picture of the pump… I’ve never seen a Simpson machine over 4gpm, but he could have put a different pump on it. If that is the case and it is a 6gpm pump, that engine is very underpowered for the flow and the psi would be so low it wouldn’t be of much use for the majority of cleaning.

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Sounds good! I messaged him for more details but he hasn’t responded yet. I found another listing I’ll probably go with instead since it comes with a surface cleaner and some other gear. They agreed to $2k for everything.

I’d try to knock him down on that price… just looking at the big stuff (pressure washer, 100 feet of hose and 100 feet of pressure hose, x-jet (if you even need it), and a decent gun (suttner 2315)… you’re looking at $2,100 give or take.

Heck you could just go an buy this, a 100 foot flexzilla hose, x-jet, and pressure gauge and have all new equipment.

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You are already on track with this, but, NO, the GX270 will not run a 6gpm pump. My GX270 has been running a 3.5 gpm for the past 5 years and it works for washing 1 & 2 story homes as well as small patios/drives. But, doing larger driveways suck as this machine often struggles with just a 15” surface cleaner.

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Holy crap, no kidding! Thanks for pulling that link for me. Goes to show “used” doesn’t always mean “a deal.” :laughing:

Sure it will. Just 1000psi😆


He said it himself… his business failed, he’s just trying to recoup as much as he can.

Automotive detailer’s dream… though most are running generators and electric units now.