Help I turned the concrete orange

Hi guys,
I use a 17LPM (4.5 G) 3000psi Honda GX390 with Xjet M5

I have already ran into a massive problem cleaning a patch of my brothers house (for some before and after pictures). After I did my wash the concrete turned orange!

My process was:
Sweep up
Rinse concrete
Spray with chemicals
Surface clean with surface cleaner
Tidy up edges with wand and final rinse

My chemical mixture with xjet

SH 12.5

Surfactant 150ml (5oz)

Water-SH 1:1

10L Water (2.65gallons)

10L SH. (2.65galllons)

=6.25% SH

Open (no tip attachment for xjet)

=3.67% SH

I will put images of before and after to display what results were.
I am so confused on what I did wrong to make the orange happen.
Please if anyone can help I can’t start the business until I get this sorted.



I’m interested as well. Posting to follow.
How new is the concrete pour?

It’s about 2 and a half years old

What pressure did you wash it at, or do you know? And What surface cleaner and what tips?

I used the green (25050) nozzle.
I had psi at mid strength as well while using wand ( any be sure on exact psi estimate 1500)
And the surface cleaner was a BAR 20" BE Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner.
I’ll put picture of wand and surface cleaner

Ok what size nozzles are on that surface cleaner?

It’s possible the sand they used for the concrete is a tan color, I’ve seen it a couple times here in the US.

Let the veteran guys comment on this one though.

Sorry I left that out.
2 x 020 - 25 Degree Nozzles on a single bar.
It’s a 4000psi 21LPM (5.5G) surface cleaner but machine is only 3000psi 17LPM (4.5G)

My original thought was that the concrete was that colour underneath and I stripped it too. But I’m hoping not.

I am going there again in morning I’ll put another after picture up.

Is the home on well water?

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Water was from the main.

My original thought was iron in the water may have caused it, but if you used treated water could be something else. I would take an acid suck as oxalic or muriatic, start lower strength and do a test spot to see if it takes care of it

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So I’ve returned taken some more photos.
It has faded a lot and the small spot is completely cleared up.
I am gonna return once the sun has been over it and see how it is.
I am still completely confused on this and haven’t seen anything like it throughout all my research.

Sorry I didnt put before and after of small area. I’ll place it here.
That area is now white no trace of the orange.

Consider switching SC nozzles to 25025’s for your 4.5gpm. That should drop the pressure down to 2500psi…ish.

Interesting, I always use lower pressure on newer concrete… looks like you may have taken some cream off the top and the concrete has a slight orange color underneath especially when wet. Try treating it with oxalic to whiten it up some it might help.

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I’ll definitely try the Oxalic. Thanks heaps I’ll put pictures up if it works

I see straight lines and curved lines, looks to me like you etched it and probably stripped the cream exposing the reddish color aggregate used.

Wild guess here.

Has your bother ever cut or maybe grind some metal in the past?

I’m almost certain a light even mist of rust remover might just make that orange disappear


Those curved impressions don’t look like an SC to me. They stop at the joint and don’t carry onto the next edge section. I’d wager they’re tool marks from spreading the concrete. That would make removing the cream an unlikely issue. May have been something in the concrete mix