Help get me a J-Rod in Canada!

I have searched, and I am having a really hard time finding a way to get a J-rod kit to me in Canada. Pressure tek doesnt ship here, and I found one other site, but the cost is crazy high.

I really want one, any advice?


Dan The Window Man

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Get a local welder to do it. ThaI s how i do mine


Send me the specs for your machine, what nozzles you want or I’ll build it, where you found the shipping, and I’ll invoice you. I’ll have it in the mail as soon as it gets paid.

The newest ones are tig welded. If they’ve always been tig welded they’re much prettier now. Lol

Thanks brother! I will pm you asap. :smiley:


Just weld it.
Santa sent me one in the mail, ‘twas awesome so I made more.

I though there had to be more to them than just some threaded QC stuck together… but nope.


That’s all it is. If you can find the QC nearby and welder it’s three tacks. Will probably cost you less than $30. To build one for you and ship it I imagine is probably going to be close to $75-$100

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Ok, thanks for all the help! I found the QCs and a local welder, but I have no idea where to get threaded nozzles in Canada. I have found 25 and 40 degree but no zero tip 2nd story soap and rinse tips.

Where in Canada are you? I’m in Vancouver and use my local hose supplier for pressure wash parts.

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I am in Ajax (close to Toronto), there is a hose company close by…

Great. If they don’t have them they’ll probably know who does. Good luck.

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I will try it, but my experience so far has been, they have no idea what I am talking about.

I’m not a huge fan of Canada. The few times I’ve been everyone has always been super nice tho. We have some property up by Timmins that we can only go to during trapping season before the bridges get taken back out. The biggest problem for me is always coming back into the US. One time they xrayed an empty truck (funny part was we had just hauled a load of guns to the bass pro in Vaughn)

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It’s sunday and I was up at 4am to drive to a distant job. I’m tired and cant even summon enough sarcasm to poke a decent joke at ya.

0 degree rinse can just be a threaded hose barb

Same on WCRA, Canadians always complaining they can’t get stuff. Don’t the have internet, credit cards and international postage above the border?

Buy stuff online. It goes on a little truck to a depot to a truck to an airport then magically through the big blue sky to your local airport to a truck to a depot to a little truck to your business or house.

If you buy heavy stuff like and IBC of One Restore it’s the same but on a boat over the deep blue ocean. 2 months longer and 14 million times cheaper than flying it.

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Canada has that different bacon though. So there’s that. And you don’t have an orange haired nut job running your place. Always find the positive


With all due respect… @DantheWindowMan is being a little hyperbolic I think. It is possible to find specialty tools like threaded pressure wash tips it just takes a little more homework. Especially in Eastern Canada, there are tons more people/industry/money/opportunity than out here in the West. If anyone should be complaining its me with our minimal industrial base. That’s why I buy a lot of stuff from across the border in that large wonderland to the south where there’s even more money/people/opportunity.

The only real bummer is paying for border duty. It can be as high as 20% I’ve found.

Now about buying that pressure wash trailer from Florida…

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Ermagerd. Now the complaining Canadians are complaining that other Canadians are complaining more than they are



You can find JROD kit here in Canada