Help - front has wavy pattern but back of house came out great

Hello - I’m a newer homeowner and power washed parts of my house today (didn’t go all the way high with a big ladder).

I have done the back of the house (house was built in 2011 I think) where it gets mostly shade and was successful last year and this year.

However when I did the front of my house above the garage and the side of my house I noticed wave marks.

I held the spray away from the house as I know you should not hold it very close and pound the vinyl siding with pressure. Does anyone have experience with the same and how did you fix it? Is this something I can do myself or does a professional service need to come?

It’s pretty upsetting and I take great pride in my house and as a newer homeowner I was trying to do something positive. I appreciate everyone’s help and insights.

Looks like you disturbed the oxidation layer. It can be fixed but is often laborious and somewhat expensive.

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Thank you for your reply. What is considered “expensive” and also what would the labor consist of to fix it?

Just replace the siding on that side. Probably less than $4k. Next time, pay a contractor $350 or so and be done with it.


It typically involves applying chemical to the entire side of the house where the damage is and then agitating that solution with a brush then thoroughly rinsing. The chemicals required are not cheap and the labor to manually scrub the entire area can add up quickly. Or, just pray for a hail storm and let insurance handle it.

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The good news is the oxidation will come back in a couple of years and everything will be more uniform. Your only viable option if you don’t want to replace is to get a long handle brush and brush the entire side of the house with a soap that will break down the oxidation. Call around and get some quotes for oxidation removal from some of your local pw companies.


Sorry this happened to you, oxidation is a tricky thing and even us with a keen eye can miss it sometimes. If it makes you feel better, hiring a “professional” would likely have given you close to the same results. Many contractors don’t even show up to do estimates this time of year they just put you on the schedule and send someone out to do the work.

Anyone who washes a house without checking for oxidation is far from a professional.


That’s why I used the quotations haha, what qualifies one to be a professional in this business? Imo I’d say the majority of companies out there are not.

I guess that depends on who is defining it. To me it means someone who knows what they’re doing and does a quality job. :flushed:

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Can’t it just be repainted?

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It’s vinyl.

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A professional knows what the outcome is going to be, a cowboy sprays bleach and hopes it comes clean.

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I agree, but how does a homeowner know which one they’re hiring? Obviously there are cues, like equipment quality, referrals, insurance, longevity in business, etc. but sadly 80% of homeowners hire someone (usually cheapest) without looking into those factors.

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Makes sense. I have never seen vinyl siding before lol. I don’t think it’s used in California.

Its been rumored to potentially cause pre cancerous cells in the early infant stages of the California aquatic river bat…Thus making vinyl illegal in the state of California. Along with a million other things.


Well that’s on them, can hardly blame the contractor if they get shafted, they wanted cheap and quick they get cheap and quick.

We wash every house without checking for oxidation. Pre wet the siding if it’s a blue or light gray color and the side that sits in the sun, soap on, soap off …stay far back = no issues. Pre wetting to cool down the siding is key



Disagree always check for oxidization