Help from roof washers

I would like to start giving roof wash estimates. But I have my reservations!

Will people accuse you of causing a leak in the roof? Just so they can try to get one paid for.

Do you think only accepting 1 story customers for roofs would work? We advertise as “ladder free” I understand even a 1 story would require a ladder but it wouldn’t have to be a monster! I am not fond of ladders myself but as long as I don’t have to get on the roof I can manage.

I know this seems like a loaded question but can you do most roofs without stepping on them?

I am not new, I just have never had an interest in roofs!

I know a lot of guys “shoot from the roofline”. That is, they setup their extension ladder with standoffs, and spray from the ladder. Not all roofs can be done this way, but many can.

I looked into doing roofs for awhile, myself, but as a solo operator, it would’ve been too risky.

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Much easier to just walk the roof if possible… if your scared of ladders and being on a roof then roof washing probably wouldn’t be a good idea lol

Just like in house washes, you get certain feelings from people. I had a lady last year who was being weird about roof cleaning, she had an older roof and I actually recommended to her that she should get a new one instead. She called a few days later and said she wanted me to wash it but needed a copy of my insurance beforehand. This is where you FIRE the customer.


Some customers throw up red flags and you need to look past the money.


Why do you advertise ladder free? Inquiring minds want to know. I do a ton of roofs and have never had anyone question why I had a ladder.


I think I remember him saying he’s like 6’4”+ and 330 pounds.

Hey @SchertzServicesLLC, you can probably just “reach” and be at the roofline :grin:


Within the first 6 houses I booked I bet I had 3 people ask me if I damaged the siding or gutters with a ladder that I would be responsible for repairs. 2 of them had previous bad experiences with the same fly by night “pressure washing” company the year before. It kept people in their comfort zone. It also really surprised people how well we could clean from the ground. So we just kinda ran with it, and it became a conversation piece where it left people calling saying and thinking “I gotta see this”.

Can’t love this post enough lol. I’m not a big sloth! I’m “fit” lol just a “big fit”

I do not like ladders unless I am climbing into a deer stand or going into a house fire.


I may be big but I give hope to all chubby guys out in this world!


I think you are right sir. Maybe I need to hire some x roofers part time for this stuff lol

So much for ladder free!


Walking roofs to blow out gutters is fun, but I’m not sure I could wash roofs while walking it. I buy the cheapest muck boots I can find and need better boots for washing roofs.

I want one of these:

What is it?

A roof ladder. Helps you climb it like a billy goat

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Ohhhhh lol

Great find ! I wonder if its OSHA approved ?

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Not if your not tied off!

@squidskc a lot of guys in the wildlife management business use them and love them. They work great.

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Chuck taylors

Tree hook ? I like it