HELP Estimating cost of paver restoration

Hey ya’ll, good evening.

In our third season, we are getting massive clients calling to have their patio (old sand, dirt and/or debris) rejuvenated.

We are having trouble giving accurate quotes for various reasons.

  1. Their unique patio can double or triple the amount of costly polymeric sand needed to replace the removed debris between bricks.

  2. Different patio have different needed amounts of effort and concentration to remove grout.

  3. Many professionals take measurement during their quotation and price from there.
    -This is too vague and can vary greatly taking size mainly into account.

What is your method for giving accurate price quotations for paver restoration with all of these factors present?

I don’t do pavers, but as a person running a business I’d suggest only giving bids on those in person if they’re giving you a hard time. I don’t understand the statement that measurements are vague. If you know the sqft and the condition, you should be able to accurately cost the job

The types of foundation they place with vary with their sizes and hence how much costly sand will need to be filled. These bricks are all different sizes, shaped and conditions. Something like a roof wash or housewash or concrete cleaning is normally easy and explanatory how to measure and give accurate cost.

Oh, I think I understand. It’s not the cost of cleaning them that’s hard to estimate, but the cost of the sand. I’m sorry that I don’t have any useful tips for you.

Would it be feasible to give an exact quote for the cleaning, but leave the cost of the sand and filling labor as time and materials? You could offer a pretty accurate set of best case and worst case quotes and let them know they will fall somewhere between the two

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All will come with more experience doing it. Every job is different.

Just try to WAG method. Works evey time, Wild A** Guess. But really, you just have to do a few and you’ll soon realize if you were high or low. You’re not going to get it right on the first try.

If your polymeric sand is costly, then you need to find another retailer. I use Alliance G2, which is very good sand and i bought a pallet at $17.16 a bag. Normally $24/bag. even a job using 10-15 bags is still only at most $255. Charge accordingly.