Help! Commerical Bulding Roof/Awning Cleaning

I have been in PW industry for a few years now and just starting to expand my business into the commercial side of things.

I am currently quoting on strip mall that needs the roof cleaned and the awnings below.

My concern I have is when I clean the roof, the chemicals will drip down and land onto the awnings below. I am wondering if the roof solution will harm the colored awnings? How do you recommend I best clean the roof and awnings? Please see picture below

I see gutters, so whats going to drip?
Still a good idea to keep the awnings wet though

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Squidskc has a good post about awnings they should be fine. How were you going to clean them if you don’t want sh on them?

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Thank you for the reply. I was just worried in case the gutters overflow and down onto the awnings.

Have a ground guy rinse and wash the building while you do the roof from a boom

thanks @DoubleH that’s what I was thinking as well. Appreciate your input.

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