My name is Michael from GM Services in Cork Ireland and this is my first post. I am delighted to find this site as there is lots of valuable information on it, and I just want to say thanks for your help.

Our main line of business is window cleaning and we also do pressure washing, gutter cleaning etc.
I have have been dabbling in roof cleaning over the last 18months or so and now I feel that there is a market for what I want to offer.

We have a damp climate which is very conducive to moss, lichen and black algae growing on our roofs.

In Ireland as in the U.K. barrel tile or slate is used. I have lots enquiries about cleaning cement fibre (artificial) slate roofs. The problem is I really don’t know what chemical mix to use without causing any discoloration to the slate. I would love to have your thoughts on this knowing that shingle is more popular in the U.S.

Many thanks


Welcome Michael