Hello, new to forum and soft washing- Enjoyed PWRA in Nashville

Hey guys. I am new… obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeremiah Gibson, Advantage Window Cleaning.

I just ordered a belt 5.5 gpm set up and waiting for delivery. I am very new to pressur washing, looking to add housewashing to my current window cleaning business. I have debated pressure washing for at least 10 years now, but PWRA convention sealed it for me.

I am looking forward to learning from you guys and the past posts. My biggest question is pricing… any help would ba appreciated.

Welcome Jeremiah

Who else does pressure washing in your area?

Pricing, wow, that’s got to be the toughest nut to crack.

It varies. A lot. Somebody sent me a link this morning to a company in my town that published their price sheet for house washing.

Twenty eight percent. That is what his prices averaged as a fraction of mine. 28%.

The house he quotes that he will wash for $150?, my charge would be $525.00

I can tell you this about pressure washing prices; it can make window cleaning rates look small in comparison.

Thanks Tim, apreciate your comments.
There are a few companies that do pressure washing here. There where a dozen people offering eindow cleaning when I started in 2001, but my focus was something of a newer approach… proffessionalism not lower prices. That is going to be my focus with soft washing and surface cleaning as well.
I have already found a supply company nearby for SH, have a small trailer with a 65 gal buffer tank to carry my pressure washer and will be getting it wrapped soon.
As far as pressure washing prices verses window cleaing rates… that is my main reason for getting into it. We have grown well as a window cleaning company but want to push that momentum a little more with house washing and surface cleaning.

Welcome, Jeremiah!

Thanks Dan! How’s it going?

Hey [COLOR=#333333]Jeremiah![/COLOR]

Still kicking, brother!

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Hey Jeremiah! Welcome to this great site. I’m new too ^^

Welcome to the PWRA… Great to have you here…

Thanks, appreciate the welcome!

It’s very humbling being the new guy, I have been on WCR for years and forgot what it was like being green. :slight_smile:
Some of my chem came in today and getting excited to learn more!

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Hey Chris! Nice visiting with you in Nashville, thanks for your time and answering some questions for me. Glad we finally got a chance to meet! NJ and KS is quite a hop so Nashville was a good in between spot :slight_smile:

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Alex, I hardly recognized you in that avatar pic with out a smile bro! Lol
Thanks for your help as well in Nashville, the other KS bros and I really appreciated your taking time to visit with us and show us around some equipment too.

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Welcome Jeremiah. If we can assist you in any way just ask!

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