Hello from a newbie looking to get started

Hello everyone. My name is Jon and I am looking to get out of my dreaded construction manager job and start my own pressure washing business. I found what appears to be a good truck mounted set up for sale locally and am on the verge of pulling the trigger on the purchase. Can you guys advise if it seems like a good deal?

99 Isuzu NPR box truck (Turbo diesel) 200,000 miles
3,500psi 6.5gpm Landa hot water skid unit
350 gallon water tank
150’ of hose & reel
200’ water hose
4 holding tanks for solutions
extra fittings and misc replacement parts
spare hoses

Asking price is $8,000

I looked at it in person yesterday and tested it all out. I don’t exactly know what I am looking for on these things but the unit worked and the water heated up as it was supposed to. Truck ran good.

Thanks in advance for your help, I look forward to learning alot on this board.

I’m not an expert either and depending on the hours on the unit itself, it sounds like a great price. You could spend way more than that for just the skid unit and still need a trailer or truck to haul it. I’ll bet the value of the truck alone might be at least half the cost of this thing. Sounds good to me.

Do you have pics?

Sounds like a good price.

I love my NPR; it is an 04 with 240,000 miles and she still runs like a top! Good luck with your business venture.

Nice post


Thanks for the welcome everyone. I am meeting with a bank this week to see about getting a loan. If all goes well I should get a few jobs in before the cold weather sets in.

Welcome. I like run Isuzu’s, great trucks!! If the truck is good mechanically I think it alone would be worth that.

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Good luck with it!

I haven’t given an update in a while, but we did get the truck and I have put it to use. We landed a monthly cleaning contract with our local Chick fil a. Still working on getting some other contracts lined up, the winter weather and holidays, it is tough to get in touch with any of the decision makers. I am still soaking up a wealth of information from this board. Thanks again.


That’s good to hear, Jon.
Keep us posted and jump in a thread whenever you get the chance.