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Hey guys, just join the forums. I’ve been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years, and I’m now staring a pressure washing business as well. Just wondering what my fellow Canadian use for equipment. I’ve been looking at hotsy. But a local dealer sells dynoblast, which is a Canadian product. Good warranty on their machine. Was looking getting something from the USA but with the dollar right now it’s just not worth it. Seems to me like hotsy is quite popular up here but nobody seem to be talking about them on this forum



Not knocking hotsy at all, but if I was in BC I would be dealing with Aqua Fleet Solutions.
I am in Nova Scotia myself and I use exclusively Pressure Tek cleaning chemicals, so I
guess you can see what I think of the cleaning detergents available locally to me.:slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum and good Luck.

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.


I’m out on Vancouver Island and use South Side Equipment for equipment and Chems,
If you want to talk give me a call.



How do you get chems from Pressure Tek when they do not ship to Canada? I would really like to know.


Where do you live in Canada, east coast or west coast ? I live on west coast and have pressuretek ship to an American address, then a company brings it over for a small fee.

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you can bring them in by a broker.but expect to pay 2 to 2.5 times the price guys and gals get them for in the states.

I know it sucks , but unless you have a friend stateside that is the only way I know of.



I live in Surrey, BC and the best way i found is to get an account accross the border in Blaine or Point Roberts and drive there to pick your items up. Alot of places have free shipping on continental US.

Just be careful when you go over. Let the border guys know youre there to pick up for business. They will charge you i think $13 US fee but its better than hassle you.

At the store i pay a small fee and get my items. Great thing is they email you when the item has arrived.


Hey brother, would you be able to shoot me an email about this? I am also from Surrey. adventurewithjohn@outlook.com