Hello and a question about chalking

Hi I’m Don. I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I also have a question that I would really appreciate any feedback on how to handle my customer. I work at All County Window Cleaning in New Jersey. I get to deal with all the customer complaints that come in and this one chalking issue has the customer really upset. How would you guys handle it?
The vinyl siding is 20 years old and we don’t know the manufacturer.
We have washed the house before in 2008 and then again in 2010. Neither times was there an issue until we did it again this year.
We used our normal solution of S-Hypo, Simple Cherry, and a bit of Wondersuds.

Looks like a little too much pressure was used in a few areas and it removed some of the oxidation.
The only remedy I know of is brushing it all and hoping it evens out. You might try a little F-13 in the mix.

i’ve used f-13 in low dosage in a 5 gallon bucket, dipped a mr long arm flow through brush in it and went to town. rinsed after. worked pretty well. that stuff in pic 5 looks like weepage (if thats a word). it should rinse off easily.

Oh, yeah. I missed pic 5.
That’s why I only use low pressure. High pressure blew water into the weep holes or behind the siding.
If you low pressure clean with down streaming you don’t blow off oxidation or push water behind siding.

This is one of the rare problems you can find with Vinyl where it’s oxidizing. Aluminum houses we no longer touch because of oxidation unless it’s for a paint prep then will go to town.

Last month this guy called us whose whole house was like that…beautiful but the vinyl was oxidizing. The house would have been around $350 to power wash if it’s our usual vinyl clean including exterior gutter cleaned(we do that on all house washes). In this guys case the charge was $1200 to brush the whole entire house. It took 2 guys 9 hrs including travel and it was brutal work. The house came out nice but to tell you the truth because the guys just scrubbed and scrubbed all day… That’s the last time will take on a job like that.

In your case since the vinyl is oxidizing it looks like u might have hit it to close in some area’s and be advised that blasting this vinyl will not even out the problem. The oxidation of the vinyl is the owners problem but since you cleaned it already you may want to work with him to contact the manufacturer or work out a deal to brush the whole house… I guarantee you the house was chalky before you ever got there.
Good luck.

I did a house like that last year and similar things happened, even while downstreaming. I found tons of resources showing that it’s natural and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it except brushing the entire house. In the future, you can set their expectations prior to starting the work if your techs see that the siding is oxidizing.

When vinyl gets old and beat up by the sun, it happens.

Aluminum (any color) and vinyl (Blue and Green) sided houses can be 2 stepped and works out great. Use only a small amount of acid and then use a small amount of ph9 or so soap. Use low to medium pressure, and most if not all the oxidation will come off with no lines. This mixture is for oxidation and will get most of the dirt to all the dirt at the same time, however it does’t remove all mold and mildew unless a strong soap is used after the acid: then it become a looooot of rinsing to get the soap off so it does NOT cause more oxidation. If you use SH mixture to remove the mold mildew, the acid needs to be nutrilized and rinsed from the siding before using the SH. If acid is left on the siding and SH is applied discoloration or heavier oxidation MAY result. MAY means it may happen but doesn’t always.

This is not something a person can do unless they are use to how the acids and soaps and SH work with/against each other.

So we finally have some closure on this here…

We went back and attempted the F-13 it didn’t touch it… We investigated further and it turns out she had a new roof put on a few weeks prior to us being there and they used a a product to clean up their tools called Citru blaster from a company Spray Nine.

It looked like there were wipe marks on the siding… We called Spray nine and they said that if not properly rinsed away from the siding it would cause markings like shown in the picture…

So we are happy to find out this wasn’t our fault but also bummed at the same time for the customer that now has this problem.

If it’s chalky when I get there, it’s chalky when I leave…but clean…If the customer wants it removed, I let them know the price to brush it. Every single one of them just say “oh ok nevermind”

The first house I ever did was oxidized and chalked up BAD…luckily it was only on the back.

My guys run into chalky siding a decent amount. And many times mostly on one side of the house because
of sunlight etc. It is important to try and realize the oxidization before you complete the work so you can
make the customer aware this is not something that will “clean” off.

I just bid a NASTY job that is going to take a ton of mold remediation! Mold, algae, and tons of overgrowth
causing the problem all over the house…which is 5,000 square feet, mostly vinyl.

Hello trey. So is it safe to wash a house with SH/house wash mix if the siding already has oxidation? Thx man

Nobody ruin this.


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